Manchester, UK

Hi All,

I’m also a regular Diablo,TQ and Torchlight player, who found you by accident. I will definately be sticking around having seen the work in progress, and intend to pre order this weekend.

Does anyone know what the criteria are for bing selected for the Alpha, I’d be over the moon to get in on it.

Can’t wait!

Welcome aboard!

So far the criteria for being in the alpha have been preordering the right edition. Currently, the Grim Dawn Patron Edition, which offers alpha and beta, goes for $50 (along with other goodies ofcourse). Ofcourse, the Grim Dawn Loyalist edition for $85 also offers alpha and beta access.

Hi Dibbler and welcome to the forums from a fellow Lancastrian.

Hello and welcome to the forums! hope you enjoy it here!

hi and welcome, Im from the UK as well, East Yorkshire region

so hi and welcome to the forums

Welcome from the South Georgia swamps! :slight_smile:

Any relation to CMOT Dibbler?

And do you have any of those meat bits on a stick thing?