Manifestations of Hunger Need A Nerf - SR75+

So, I’ve been running SR75-76 and SR80-81 to test my builds and aside from Valdaran being actually a threat now (like back in Early Access lawl) one boss has made me groan to encounter them - The Manifestations of Hunger.

Pre-1.2 they were tough and mostly a time waster, but now, especially in SR81, if you fight in melee or close range those undodgeable sunders are the death of anyone trying to facetank them. Which makes their shard the end of timed run if you don’t have a very tanky build and just an exercise in dying over and over again. And this is with resist pots and breaking off attacks when circuit breakers are on cooldown.

They basically make boss rooms feel like easy mode at the moment.

To fix this I’d move their sunder attack to the lightning bolt skill they have and telegraph it a bit more obviously.

Seeker of the Damned is also more of a pain now too, if only because it’s still a pain to navigate around it to strike the bloody plants lobbing debuffs at you. But that’s what resist potions are for.

Yeap, still toxic to fight.

The issue at key here is the near unavoidable sunder attack they do, if you stay out of range they keep trying to do it and if you’re in range the icon above their head is easy to loose in the visual noise and can’t be dodged either because by the time you’ve lined up a dodge direction the fucker’s already hit you with sunder.

There’s two solutions here, first is move the sunder to one of the vomit attacks which can be avoided or just removed it, because the Manifestations shard is already a time waster and sunder just makes it even more annoying.

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