Map instead of scrolling

It needs a little map so u can just click on it and it takes you there instead of scrolling


Most mini maps in this type of game only show what you can actually see in your camera. So it would make no sense.

Really? That doesn’t make sense! I mean I’d expect the map to only show explored areas, but all of it

And more things, like red dots where are raiders or fires or what ever. Just more information can be displayed there. Like when you select a building to build, it show where same buildings are with their radiuses.


Why? Have you played on a large fully discovered map yet? The amount of scrolling around and wasting time doing so is pretty bad, especially if there are things on opposite sides of the map you around trying to keep an eye on. Just a small full size map you click to navigate would be awesome.


I can understand how a mini map would benefit this game.

But idk, maybe the devs left us without one to properly immerse us more into the game.

I noticed tropico 6 was similar aswell, no minimap. You had to manually scroll.

Yea. I agree.

or the ability to scroll right out so you can see the whole area and then zoom into the area you want to see

Agree 100% This would also help the lower end systems.

I just hit the AWDS keys and it’s much faster, don’t have to only use the mouse. Mini map is not needed in a game like this.

A further out zoom might help. Mainly for when you are “holding” a hunter or forager on your cursor and want to see where the other circles are from other similar buildings. We do need some way to get an overview.

I’d rather have a map (opened by pressing “m” for instance), than a mini map taking space on the UI.

I think a full-out zoom, then some keys for highlighting different facilities. One key to show hunters and their circles, another to pick out roads, etc etc (as most of the details will be hard to see by naked eye fully zoomed out)

fine if you are sitting at a desk but I’m on the couch 20 feet away on a 60 inch screen. No keyboard.

i’m fine with that. As long as it is just a click away to bring up

This would work also. For me a pop up map with the main buildings highlighted like hunter and work camp and forager as default with a building list next to it you could click to highlight as an example all your forges. This game really needs a building finder.