Market not functioning as a market

One of the criteria for a Shelter to upgrade to a Homestead is 2 x Foos Types.
I have one Market 16 gris squares away from a root store. This root store has 6 different food types within.
The Marketeer is more than happy to have just one food type in the market and “idle - unable to work”

I watched what the marketeer did for a couple of years. he/she/it did two runs to “Stock Market” and two runs to “stock shelter”, that is it. The rest of the time, up to 50%, was spent “idle - unable to work”.
When he/she/it did do a stock run they tended to ingnore the well stocked root store to walk more that twice as far to a source building.

There needs to be a procedure as in real life. Source > store room (wareshouse) > shop.
Surely devs you have to look at this behaviour, a shop does not stock one item, a shop tries to stock as many items as possible.


Does the market have the food types checked? If they are unselected it will not be stocked. If they are selected it seems like a bug.

Market absolutely default, nothing unchecked

my game does the same and the food types are all checked

the market does not work as intended right now. but they are working on it

I believe it is also supposed to deliver items to the houses


The market is not even stocked properly let alone delivering to houses


Does anyone know what I should do to get the market filled with goods?

My cellars and storage are full with many different items which are still not located in the markets.

there is a bug with the market.

At the moment it is what happens. As your Village grows more will end up in the markets but not enough. It is an ongoing issue which apparently the devs are looking into.
The market worker was originally supposed to deliver goods to the houses but that does not happen either