Markovian´s Advantage - still not good for 2H?

When thinking about another build I did some research in forum and most of the threads I found, said, that I better not take this as a 2H-Build. Animation interference, low output, etc.

I can get 12/12 with a 2 point investment and would bring up my total WPS to 75 %.

Skip it and take e. g. Blitz (5/12) and Blindside (5/12) or are these outdated informations?

I have the same question. Anyone?

People suggested many times that animation speed for the old WPS skills is reflecting on their performance and Zolhan is DPS loss for DW melee and Markovian for 2h.

But at same time Markovian have nice DA shred and also depends on the build but if probably won’t improve the damage :thinking:

Markovian is a dps loss for 2H Cadence. For other 2H autoattacks its a gain, but not as big, especially for phys builds. It makes for a good investment if you dont have other reduced DA sources. But blindside is better for that.

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Thank you gentlemen.