Markovian set build?

I’ve seen a few references to a very strong markovian build, particularly a witchblade, but can’t seem to find this build listed anywhere. I’ve managed to collect 4 pieces of the markovian set so far and was hoping to level a character centered around it, does anyone have a link to a build based around this set? Thanks for any help c:

The Markovian Set is a good intermediate set but for end-game i’d recommend Warborn

Markovian was nerfed too much. Warborn is the better choice now.

Ah, thanks for the heads up on the warborn set. Guess I’ll get to grinding for that then.

Markovian is still good, don’t be fooled. It lost some offense recently, so people are shifting to Warborn because of that. Technically, Warborn can reach higher DPS numbers ATM…But Markovian still does its job wonderfully.

Also, Markovian was nerfed for being too much damage and too much tankiness… And now people are all insisting Warborn is the same, and getting similar results to the pre-nerf Markovian…Am I the only one expecting a nerf to Warborn because of this? No?

I hope not because my current char although strong had to change to defensive devotions to match markovians pre-nerf tankiness and now my damage is no where near what that was.

I see a lot of warborn builds posted and none of them are as strong as pre-nerf markovian because that had both top damage and survivability.

If warborn gets nerfed I will be pissed because it is definitely not op.

You must not go to crucible gladiator a lot if you think Markovian is the same as Warborn in it’s current form

How you cant find it, it’s just next to your thread:

Even after all nerfs, it’s still incredibly strong.

Warborn has around the same DPS potential as pre-nerf Markovian, but tanknes is FAR behind. ATM, Markovian is still very tanky, but DPS is significantly reduced.
You cant have both huge DPS and tankiness now.

I’m actually really stoked about this change. Seems like a really good balance decision to have one set for each type of physical character, dps vs tank.

Sadly markovian is not so tanky. It used to have 2 sec CDR proc so overguard was handy but now not so much. Warborn has 25% more physical resistance with siegebreaker and set and that counts for something

Physical resistance alone wont make you tanky, sorry. There are 9 other damage types, that should be dealt with.
I ran Crucible on Gladiator difficulty today, with extra spawns. Physical damage wasnt a problem at all. The real problem is 7 damage types (fire, cold, lightning, poison, vitality, aether and chaos). Bleed is too weak even with uncapped resistance, and piercing is massively overcapped with Markovian set.
Those 7 damage types deal tremendous damage to me, when enemies reduce my resistances (they’re capped, but without significant overcap). Yes, my 27k HP (with buffs), 22% ADCTH and smart consumable usage were enough to survive through all that shit. Whenever i hadnt my resistances reduced, enemies could barely scratch me, and when i took massive damage, i just checked my character list - and BOOM, my resistances are reduced far below caps by various shitty enemies.
But now, i’m trying to overcap resistances (even at the cost of HP and physical resist), because that’s what CAN actually kill me.
You seem to forget, that heavy armour set, armour passives and constellations already provide huge physical mitigation.

P.S. In, my character list told me that overcapping resistances doesnt help against most of enemy’s resistance reductions. But now, it DOES help, so overcapping resistances is a tier1 priority for my Witchblade tank…

I didn’t use consumables for the build at all :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong I love markovian, i want it to work well. I’m just stating my experience (and other players)after extensive testing in many combinations. Markovian has more health more damage blocked and is much easier to overcap resists (especially on my commando who doesn’t have poison resist covered like witchblade) yet…I die less with warborn. If the hotfix gives markovian some extra punch or something maybe this will change. I’ll be the first to say yay

Armor helps a lot but markovian does not have more armor than Warborn really. BtW i even tried the armor way with targo the builder and crab elemental barrier with overcapped resists and results weren’t very good. Crab is solid though.

Overcapping resists is indeed the trick no matter what set. Although anasteria can be worked with if you’re used to her crap even with no overcap.

All boses alone can be eaily dealt with. The problem is, in Crucible Anasteria spawns with lots of other mobs/bosses, that take huge benegit from her resistance reduction. Same could be said about any other heroes/bosses, that reduce resistances.

I suppose, you dont need massive HP and armour for endgame (my 19k HP unbuffed were surely an “overkill”). Just overcap resistances so they will never fall below 80, and then, invest into DPS and ADCTH… I think, that’s the key to success. Slow, freeze, trap and disrupt resistances also do matter.

When Warborn set will drop for me, i’ll test it, for sure. I still dont like that one of its pieces is weapon, with poor attack speed and no ADCTH. Getting 20%+ ADCTH without weapon will be hard… And stat-wise, only helm looks really solid, other 2 pieces arent so amazing…