Markovian's Advantage

I can’t see any mention here on the forums, but does Markovian’s advantage only proc on default attacks that do physical damage?

The reason I ask is my Blademaster uses a Nightshades Reach which is Acid only base damage, and I’ve just tested with 1 point in MA on a dummy to see if it procs, but nothing pops up.

I was hoping to use MA as an alternative skill to attach Acid Spray to as I have no available skills since the changes made to Whirling Blades.

Edit: after more extensive testing on the dummy it does proc. For some reason I always thought an icon popped up for MA, but obviously not.

I think I’ve several answers to your question.

MA procs but you don’t notice it. Before the patch, MA and Execution had the same animation (MA graphics is bugged ugly at the moment). So, visit a spirig guide and remove all but other default attacks (execution, quick cut, belgothian, whirl wind, …etc.) You should notice it then. Also, MA with 1pt will have a low probability.

Second, MA should proc with all default weapon attacks (melee or ranged) but not skills. This mechanics becomes unclear when several default attacks can be combined. I know that my blademaster’s attacks combine with the one of Shard of Beronath but I don’t know if they would further combine with fire attack. They should though but I’ve never tried it.

Thanks for the clarification. I had read about the MA bug, but thought that was a noticeable graphics glitch - I’m not seeing this btw, I only see the jump smash animation. Incidentally, attaching Scorpion Sting to it does help prove MA is proccing at least :wink: