Markovian's advice

So the luck turned in my favor and i almost completed the Markovian set (3 pieces + recipe for the helm), but sadly i see many people saying that after the latest patch this set is kinda useless… i don’t believe i’ll be so lucky to ever complete a set again so i want to use this one, even if is not the best option available.

Can anyone point me out to the best markovian build available today? I’m starting a cadence soldier, and i’ll wait for you guys before choosing the second mastery.

Thx in advance :wink:

Well the set’s proc is useless

The set itself is still solid due to plus skills to Bulwark and Shield stuff

Go for Superfluff’s Commando, easiest build that can use this

Thx a lot.

p.s. i’m using some of your builds, thx for those also :smiley:

Your welcome and thank you :smiley:

Set isnt useless, it is tanky, but lacks DPS, that’s the problem. The best build for Markovian set will be Cadence+Blitz Witchblade (1-h+shield), same as for Warborn set (both sets are actually made for the same build).
I believe Witchblade is the best, because of resistance reduction (it really matters). Commando is also decent, though. But i believe in resistance reduction from CoF and extra 100% poison + 12% physical resist from AoG.
Warborn set with proper items is better, but with Markovian, you will also have a blast.

in 0.0.6 i might have agreed with this regarding damage. I made the commando as a secondary version to the highly popular With blade. But after the two nerfs to CoF, they are kinda even damage wise. I get the same crits on them in vanilla too.

Temper also received a slight buff in 0.9 bringing them even closer together.

You’re oversetimating Temper. My Witchblade’s Cadence DPS drops from 55k to 50k when i swap Oleron’s Wrath for Menhir’s bastion (effectively giving up 114% physical damage and 10-15 flat damage). That’s 10% damage drop. Well, temper gives a bit more flat damage, so it will be maybe 15% damage difference. CoF reduces resistance by 27, that can be considered 27% damage difference easily. 27>15, dont you think? And in Crucible, difference will be even greater, cause your %damage is higher due to buffs.

I am not overestimating. I just wrote up there^ that i tried both builds and they have just about the same damage. And by test I mean lots and lots of hours of playing them not messing around a bit.

Some masteries were balanced differently to compensate for what one has got that the other does not. If vulnerability debuffs 30% elemental then Arcanist has way more % elemental damage, at least 25% crit damage and more spirit. Believe it or not damage comes out the same in Pyromancer vs Sorcerer for many build variations.

The same way Occultist has CoF phys 25% debuff and Demolitionist gives 133% more phys damage <(you forgot to mention this - rhowan’s scepter + dire bear give a total of 140% phys damage added up, so i’d say temper gives plenty in this regard) and basically a lvl 12 menhir’s bulwark in terms of flat Phys damage that adds to your %weapon damage.

I tested both builds I am not being biased.