Marvel Heroes 2016

anyone else playing this…actually came from there, needing a break after couple years of playing.

<— I am in the same boat as you lol. I love this game too much, I might not go back unless they make Nick Fury amazing.

I used to play, but haven’t in some time. I do log in now and again to cash in on free content though.

This pretty much. I have over 2k hours in MH, 1k+ on steam and the other 1k is from the standalone client.

I have leveled all the chars I wanted to, prestiged a ton of them to red/gold, got all my raid gear, raided a ton, etc etc. I have lost interest in the game because the new chars are uninteresting to me, and well there is nothing for a vet to do in it besides prestige more characters which gets really boring after a while.