Mastering Grim Dawn: End Game Farming Routes

After working on, and repeating this route nearly 400 times, I decided to publish my strategies on how to farm the Kaisan amulets in the most complete and effective way. The route takes into account Totems, Treasure Troves, Korvan Secrets, and Scrap Piles that can drop Dynamite. Feel free to adapt the route to your needs; there’s many optional areas you can go to depending on what other items you need to farm. Better than just farming the best amulet in the game, is to also farm a second item you need at the same time.

Here’s the route:

I hope the route is clear enough. Any criticism or commentary is welcome.

Happy farming!


excellent guide, and insanely detailed :clap:
and it even does my preferred method of doing it by checking most areas/clearing troves etc, instead of just fast checking a quarter of his short/fast spots :+1:

1 note tho
several times you mention Associates of Riggs, and their danger of fighting them in some areas/should Kaisan or X boss be there
it’s worth to note that, if a player has completed the Paying Debts quest, returning the Iris of the Eternal Night to Riggs, it’s voluntary to spawn Associates of Riggs
so either it’s potentially worth to complete that quest before farming Kaisan (would assume strong enough to clear it if capable of killing farming Kaisan) - or if already completed then go ask Riggs to “turn off” the Associates for the duration while farming Kaisan


Very well-done guide, the amount of work this took is insane so hats off to you sir!

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A detailed route on how to efficiently farm Gargoyles for their 5 MIs that have a lot of +skills and are best-in-slot for several builds. Interestingly, this is a valid argument to always pick the Cult of Dreeg on ultimate difficulty; especially if you have a class that will potentially need these items.
Feel free to adapt the route to your needs; it’s entirely possible to farm both Gargoyles and Kaisan at the same time, if you have items that you need from both targets.

As always, feedback and criticism is welcome.

Happy farming!

PS - I figured I would post this in the same thread I created previously. I’m not sure about this. Should I have created a different thread?