max item level of Etram Fald


in the light of coming events, the expansion, I was wondering which
is the max item level, a player can get from Etram Fald…

If you are level 85, could you get a level 90 oder level 95 item from him,
including all the new items?!?



I have no personal experience of that but i’ve read there will be another blacksmith in expansion, from him you will be able to gamble high level legendaries but he won’t accept vanilla rare materials so you will have to farm new ones

Etram can only craft up until level 75 items. The new blacksmith will craft the higher level ones.

Does that include Mythics?

Mythicals lowest level is 82, so yeah.

But it does NOT include the new legendaries till level 75. And thats
a good thing.
My tiny little biddy hope is still… level 82 items are also possible.
Maybe the devs overlooked something here…:stuck_out_tongue:

kind regards Arkon