Maxed out

Just hit level 85 in rotten cropland. All devotion maxed. Other than loot hunt and beating it to beat it not much insentive anymore to play character? More of a relief that I can bum rush the rest of ultimate and not give a rats butt about dying.

Besides killing Log ,maxing ally and enemy faction reps, fighting nemesis, Dahlia’s secret quest, trying to farm specif items and getting frustrated and pants of three gods quests

The game starts at the level cap.

Log in elite was a pain, not fun. At least now who cares if I die.

All factions and enemy were already maxed.

Killed one nemesis in elite, time effort not worth reward but, st least now when I die it won’t matter

Haven’t done new quest yet

Cant seem to find any goldy bleeding items on graceful dusk site. Maybe some one handed (I’m s&b warder) burrowich something or other. Is there a better relic than rampage for a bleeder?