Meat smoking is extremely inefficient

As soon as pop hit 300-400 animal herding start going strong along with upgraded hunters while meat smoking process stays more or less the same: a single smoker per building will fetch meat from anywhere on the map and then proceeds to smoke it. But this is extremely inefficient compared to other T3/T4 processes and unavoidably leads to lose a lot of fresh meat per year because smokers lose a lot of time going around in a dumb way. I think the whole smoking process could use an improvement, especially on the upgrade side (T2 smoker/butcher).

Meat smoking should be build nearby cellar which is most closest to meat production buildings. Also make sure to change production settings, I mean not every meat smoking should care about smoking fish

I see around 450-500 production which is great for 1 worker building IMO

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Yup. I run basic Root Cellars (set to hold only raw meat, but my industrial sector also stores berries to prevent workers there from getting scurvy so often) to hold raw meat near where there are a lot of Smokehouses. Basically, a Smoker will go to where there is (at the moment they start the command) the closest raw meat.
Likewise, workers in meat production buildings will, when full, move their raw meat to the closest storage building.

So you can take advantage of both of these facts to align batches of Smokehouses and Root Cellars for meat (and if you do it right, you can double purpose them for, say, honey storage for a nearby Brewery).

But it’s still inefficient this way. I have a 700 pop city with 1 upgraded cow barn, 2 upg goats and 1 horse stable where I slaughter 1 horse/year. Also I have 6 smokers of which only 2/6 are smoking both fish & meat and 4/6 only meat. Most smokers output 600-700 production per year on average and the worse about 400. But still, I am wasting something like 1000 meat per year…Smokers waste a LOT of time going to hunters cabin fetching meat before hunters even have a chance to bring meat to the storage cellar.
If I build more smokers the only effect is to decrease average production per year of all other smokers…

It’s not just a problem of smokers, the main issue is that some production buildings are forcedly stuck at T1 while everything else in the city can be upgraded gaining more workers and more efficiency. The same problem we get for rat catchers (only T1 available and only 1 worker with relatively slow work), basket shops (only T1, 2 workers), cobbler shop (only T1, 2 workers). All these buildings should (must?) be allowed to get a T2 stage, to stay in line with city development. It’s something I’ve asked many times, I hope developers will hear us. Let’s keep asking altogether!

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