Mechanics questions. Retaliation damage added to attack and stacking debuffs

I could not find a clear answer on this, if I use a skill, lets say Grenado with shattering blasts retaliation damage added to attack, what exactly affects the Rdata part?

I’m pretty sure I read it can crit, so the + critical damge from shattering blast should, right?

how about the +x% fire damage from the same skill?
Will it affect my fire retaliation? If it does not, is there any reason apart from RR to go for a specific kind of ret damage?

Third what about conversion?
Will let’s say M. Hellborne’s 100% phys to fire convert to Grenado affect the ret damage part as well, if I stacked physical ret?

My second question is about stacking a debuff from the same weapon/ring.
If I dual wielded Agony for example, could the debuff be applied twice?

Sorry if these questions were answered before and I was too stupid to find them.

+x% Retaliation damage bonuses. Check the 3rd tab of your character window. Non-Retaliation bonuses have no effect.


Treat Retaliation builds around a specific damage type as you would with standard builds that focus on a specific damage type or 2. The only real defining difference is Retaliation damage bonuses generally come in big chunks of +x% to all Retaliation damage so it’s easier to make use of unorthodox damage combinations or leftover/side-damage that comes along.


No. Even if you used Mythical Agony and Agony, they won’t stack, just refresh the same debuff.

thanks a lot!