[Melee] [](g3)(vid) S&B Vitality Proc' DK : « The Dread Knight »

[b][] S&B Vitality Proc’ DK : « The Dread Knight »

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With toggles only.


In the first part of the video, I don’t push any button but the passive ones. All the procs on block / on attack / when hit, do the job. Then, a little walk in Ancient Grove to enjoy the music and the scenery.



This was initally a failed attempt at creating a Vitality Auramancer. I couldn’t make it work properly and went for a full « proc » version instead. This a fake Retaliation/Auramancer build. Most part of the damage is passive but I have put points in Cadence so that I have the illusion to be useful when I click.

This is not a set but all 3 pieces named « Dread » Knight => chance on block
Bloodknight amulet => Pets
Hammerfall Belt + Markovian Medal for procs and better chance to proc « on block ».
The rest of my equipment has strong vitality damage/RR synergy.

Bone Harvest (Will of Rattosh) for debuff.
Goulish Hunger and Stoneform for defence and shield procs.

I maxed Overguard and Shield Training for a better shield proc chance. Points in Fighting Form could be put in Counterstrike maybe ; I didn’t try that option.

The fight is long but easy. Overguard, War Cry and Mark of Torment do a nice job of keeping you alive. Damage is mainly passive, so it’s easy to focus only on not dying![/spoiler]

Like my other S&B Auramancers, this is a greenless and really solid build. I don’t play HC due to PC/Mac/Stream/bad connection issues but I’d play this build if I could.

I hope you’ll like it !

Similar builds of mine:
S&B Purifier Auramancer
S&B Tactician Auramancer

Edit #1: slight adjustments in skill points/Devotion for more %shield chance and recovery.
Edit #2:kilrian component added.

Which has been your favorite so far?

Are you turning all your Chars into proccers? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that haunted steel in Shields add to global life steal, perhaps getting Mark of the Myrmidon instead?

Here is 100% block recovery with Overguard

When you’re going for lots of on block procs you really should hardcap shield training and take the four nodes in shieldmaiden. You’re missing out on a significant amount of chance to block otherwise. It may not look huge, but it really is. Every percent you can squeeze out makes the build work better. Also important is block recovery by the way, don’t overlook it. I would change the haunted steel in the shield to something that helps with blocking.

Edit: I know from experience that it’s possible to get 100% recovery with overguard active, with a 70-75% block chance. This falls short a bit.

The most effective is Purifier (with double seal of blades), in terms of balance between offence and defence.
The build I enjoy the most atm is the Tactician.

Yes! My Commando has been respec’ed into a Dual-Gun and my Spellbinder has done all content a long time ago. I need some S&B action and I hope this will prove useful when Oathkeeper comes.

Good to see someone picked the idea of a passive Vitality proccer up.

I had a similar thought sometime ago going all in on “chance when hit” procs like Fetid Pool, Scales, Boneweave Girdle/Leggings etc. (a lot of the really underused ones :p), few others like Vitality Counter Strike, Decimation and obviously Fevered Rage ;). Never thought about using on block procs, it’s good to see it work well.

And again, you were right :slight_smile: I cut Cleansing Water for Shield Maiden. I was afraid of the DA/armor loss from Obelisk (I really need the 10% elem resistances in the first nod of Ulo for Lokarr) but the %shield chance/recovery and %damage blocked compensates. It feels even safer.

Guide updated accordingly.

And with Oathkeeper and the retaliation buff (default attack will benefit from it), I really hope some new hybrid proc/retaliation/aura builds will be possible.

oops, I didn’t see that part. Thank you to you too :slight_smile:

For inspiration, here’s my overguard markovian build. As long as the set skill triggers twice during each overguard duration you have 100% uptime of overguard which means 100% block recovery. With 72% block chance. I use it with fevered rage to create a hilarious number of targo’s hammers.


Not very relevant to a vitality build I suppose :slight_smile:

I abused the same mechanic in Grimarillion with Soldier + Defence :smiley:
Nice use of the Acid to phys. conversion btw.

I tried but couldn’t find a way to have Rattosh, Anvil and Obelisk on the same path. Too bad, with some good phys. to vitality conversion in the build.

Edit #2:
I added the kilrian component to the Chest armor. The loss of %armor absorption isn’t important and it’s another nice defensive proc’. Actually, I added this component to all my auramancer/proc’ characters :smiley:

Hi Belzzzz,

Playing GD again after months, and i was wondering if you can give me tips on how to level this char ?

Going 2 handed with forcewave early i suppose ? but i don’t really know when i can switch to your build.

Plus i don’t have the leg you’re using, is there some alternative or should i give up on this build and level another char to be able to farm all the pieces you recommend ?

thanks for your time !

Welcome here mate :slight_smile:

Leveling - I’m a “Veteran” so I’m rich. My strategy for leveling this DK was: Cadence + WPS (devotion vitality oriented) + this itemization:
Lokarr Set + Silverbolt Weapon + Rings/Amulet.
The very low armor is compensated by good resistances and high +x to all skills. Generally, I kept this set-up till level 70-ish. Then I switched to the build I aimed to play.

With this DK, you have many of the non-mythical version of items available at level 75. If not, there’s always the Markovian set available.

If you don’t have lvl-75 legendaries available, your best bet is indeed Forcewave.

Pants alternative - any good vitality pants with a proc’ would do.
or even #3 (good armor and physical resistance).

Edit: I also made a Forcewave build recently.

DeathKnight is already a strong mastery with good item support. Not many new things to toy with in FG. Nevertheless, I’m working on a Physical variation for Oppressor:


This will be a more active gameplay style. I still have to understand this new %reta mechanic and its impact on overall damage. But I have high hopes for this build to work nicely :slight_smile:

Thanks for your advices Belzzzz ! currently working on getting to endgame and everything is fine ftm !

I still have to understand this new %reta mechanic and its impact on overall damage. But I have high hopes for this build to work nicely

i hope too :stuck_out_tongue: it was to enjoy fg that i went back on to level up a DK :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like your builds, having a lot of procs does make the gameplay experience quite a bit more entertaining.

But I seriously don’t get why most of your builds have such low OA :undecided:
Even a single OA debuff can make your build miss even against some basic trash mobs… And having no chance to crit seriously limits your damage output against some harder enemies. If your OA is lower than the enemy’s DA, not only can you miss, but the damage that the enemy receives is reduced. You should always try to get your OA to about 2800, even on procers.

Hope to see some more builds from you with higher OA in the future :wink:

[QUOTE=Saw;707966 If your OA is lower than the enemy’s DA, not only can you miss, but the damage that the enemy receives is reduced. You should always try to get your OA to about 2800, even on procers.


[i]PTH Threshold 1: 70 (1.0 damage)

If your PTH is lower than 70, any attacks that land will do reduced damage. The damage reduction multiplier is equal to your PTH / 70 (ex. if your PTH is 65, you will do 92.86% of normal damage on a hit, or 65/70). It is highly uncommon to go below a PTH of 70, though it can happen against targets that are significantly higher level than you.[/i]

From the game guide.

Hi, first of all thanks for the guide/build.

I’m new sorry if it’s a stupid question or soemthing :slight_smile:
Would it be bad to take Ravenous Earth line instead of Bone harvest?
Can anyone explain the pro/con’s?