[Melee][] S&B Auramancer Tactician

The Soldier loses some Shield features but you can get them in in the devotion path, Shieldmaiden being buffed. You can also remove Panther and get scarab instead; Targo isn’t mandatory and another defensive/offensive constellation can be chosen instead.

Regarding items, the slight nerf on the medal isn’t important and Serenir is also a good alternative. Overall, what you lose from a side, you’ll get back from another. the only thing that hurts is the RR on Aura of Censure and the racial damage on Steel Resolve.

The change on Justicar Shoulder is actually a great thing for caster. No exclusive shield passive.

Do not hesitate to publish your version when you get to do SR. I didn’t really tweak this build towards that goal since FG arrived.

Edit: I made a new GT link taking into account the new devotion changes and more sustain for SR purposes, though I don’t think this build can achieve SR-50 and above. Prove me wrong!

I tried Mog with my previous setup, and failed when he got below 50% health.
So I tried again tonight with this tweaked setup:

He does only Lightning damage, so I changed into Ultos Gem (Amulet), and Mythical Korvaak brand (Medal) to get max Lightning resistance to 91%… And put Lightning resistances 82% over this cap (Without Inquisitor Seal), to neglect his debuffs.

On top of That I got Mythical Dawnshard Bulwark for the Solar Flare proc… These made the day with all circuit breakers I have Plus additional defenses from devotion Including Turtle Shell, and Twin Fangs.

I did no calculation, but the circuit breakers/defensive procs loops very well that I can facetank him 100% of time, even when he buff himself under 50% health.

It took me 15% minutes to get him to 50%, and another 40 minutes to kill him. Totally bad record, but It’s 100% safe approach, no pots nor Aether clusters used. And it’s my first character killing Mog on Ultimate.

I can only have respect before such dedication and courage. /respect

The best I could go so far is SR 33-34 with setup similar to:

I changed to “Avatar of mercy” at SR 25 because some combination of bosses were doing so much sustained damage I could only mitigate by increasing Maximum all Resistance. Still, I didn’t get me as far as I’d hoped.

Gotta try again!