[Melee][] S&B Auramancer Tactician

[] S&B Auramancer Tactician

FG Update

The build will be even safer and with slightly better offense:

  • Mythical Stormheart has been buffed (OA, attack speed and electrocute damage)
  • Reign of Ice/Fire Rings now have each a 8% adcth affix. That’s huge. many changes in items and devotions. here’s my recommendation

<<<<<<<< GRIMTOOL >>>>>>>>
back to the “old” build below.


This is a transposition of my recent S&B Auramancer Purifier to Tactician.

Every item has either: chance on block, chance when hit, chance on attack or an aura.
Damage is mainly passive. This is a fake retaliation build based on auras and procs. Lightning is the main source of damage, then fire/elemental/chaos.

Fireworks !


<<<<<<<< GRIMTOOL >>>>>>>>

With toggles, Seal and Word of Renewal (no Deadly Aim, no Fighting Spirit).

Procs on Dummy + Ancient Grove (first part)




Soldier instead of Demolitionist has obvious consequences : less damage for more defence.

The slight difference in damage orientation also influences equipment choices :


Helm => +1 Aura
Chest Armor => +1 Aura
Amulet => +1 Aura
Weapon => Chance on Attack
Rings => Chance on Attack
Gloves=> Chance on Attack
Relic=> Chance on Attack
Shoulders => Chance when Hit
Pants => Chance when Hit
Boots => Chance when Hit
Shield => Chance on Block
Medal => Chance on Block
Belt => Chance on Block


Like the Purifier version, this a fake Retaliation build. It’s a very easy build to pilot. Rush in with Blitz, debuff with K1 et K2 and let them die. And the more enemies there are, the more fireworks !

LMB Cadence (Hand of Ultos)
RMB Blitz
K1 Storm Box of Elgoloth (Elemental Storm)
K2 Word of Pain (Arcane Bomb)
K3 Overguard
K4 Word of Renewal
K5 Inquisitor Seal


The classical trio for lightning builds (RR and damage) : Rhowan’s Crown, Ultos Shepherd of Storms and Widow.
Then, some defensive constellations : Solemn Watcher, Behemoth and Harvestman’s Scythe (also for QoL : energy regen.).


This is my final test when trying a build.
This Tactician makes this fight very easy but it is long … very long … 2 minutes, full face-tanking and health potions are optional. Almost as if I could go and grab a bier without hitting the spacebar.


I realised after playing the build in many situations that it wasn’t as solid as the Purifier variation. Aetherial titans/behemoths hit harder than Lokarr! I almost died in the Black Iron Docks quest, having the illusion to be invicible. I decided to make a few changes, relevant to the build mechanics:

[li]Rings: Double Fire/Ice Rings instead of Elemental Balance set; better damage, better proc and stats.[/li]
[li]Changed one seal of resonance for one seal of might (for %physical resistance )[/li]
[li]Shoulders: Justicar for %health, armor, %physical res.[/li]
[li]The loss of the lighnting bolt proc is compensated by the addition of kilrian component.[/li]
[li]Devotion: I cut Scythe and Giant’s blood for more %shield block chance and recovery. Shieldmaiden and Targo’s Hammer (another proc’) are now included.[/li]
[li]Skill points: adjustments towards a max Shield Training.[/ul][/li]
With all these changes, AoM is now on cruise mode.


Again, like its little Purifier brother, this Auramancer build is greenless, very solid and provides some shiny fireworks.

I hope you’ll like it !

You can also check the Purifier version of the build

Edit #1: Thanks to your advice, I brought the Ruby amulet back and made some skill point/augment adjustments.
Edit #2: Big changes: rings, devotions, skill points and components. see “details on the build”.
Edit #3: Note on FG changes.

Man, I only click auramancer guides to watch videos of the gameplay. Gimme that juicy shiny exploding stuff!

As soon as I get my hands on my new laptop (this week), I will. (I’m the only one on earth who plays on in-home streaming from steam with a bad gaming PC :stuck_out_tongue: )

This looks like a fun build and I’m eager to try it. Was surprised to see some of the gear choices and it’s neat to see a sword and board auramancer. Good stuff my dude

Did you check the video I sent you on the purifier?

Thanks for reminding me. I just did. (that inbox notification is so small and discrete).

I tried these rings also but wasn’t convinced.

Maybe these shoulders could be better ?

You’re softcapping fighting form and only put 4 points in deadly momentum, this doesn’t seem optimal to me. The other way around is more effective.

Second thing, I would still use a ruby of gardal, +1 inq is in my mind better than a proc that fails on every single boss. Also more auras is the point of a build like this yes?

1- You’re right.

2- I had a very schizophrenic debate with myself on this choice. I try to go the most defensive possible and Runebinder’s amulet has good arguments: +5% max res., some good %res., +3 Seal (for damage absorption) and the damage proc is quite good even though, as you mentioned, the slow part is useless on bosses. But now that I know I can facetank everything in the game, I’ll try the Ruby again.

Did you have to use any potion buffs to tank mog or ravager?

I must confess, I never try to kill them. I don’t know the mechanics/tips for those fights. I should learn them though … I’ll try tonight.

Guide updated:

  • change in the amulet slot;
  • skill point/augment adjustments.

@Avcytes: thanks, you were right!

Edit #2: some relevant changes have been made towards a more defensive approach. More defence means more blocks, which means more procs, which means more damage. So the best defence is defence! and also attack! and the best attack is defence … cast Flashbang on himself Note:

At first glance, the build will be slightly better (see notes at the top of the guide).
I’ll have to investigate further to see if some changes could be made but they won’t be major ones.

I think this build is pretty fun to play. I have recently taken up the game again, and have tried some pure retaliation builds with dmg problems against ranged.
I am currently level 72 and wrecking everything in Elite. I don’t have all the gear needed, but so far it’s going great!

I’m glad you like the gameplay. I do too, a lot. I don’t play it anymore, I’ve finished everything IG with this character but I’m so eager to play and test it in FG :slight_smile:

For FG: I didn’t see some obvious item changes for now. New augments may change the build a bit. New devotions: Hyrian could/should be included but losing RR or Shieldmaiden isn’t worth it (?). But overall, it will perform the same.

What skill would you recommend using to level up to this build?

If you have the choice between masteries, go Inquisitor. WoP is powerful at low levels and then Storm Box or Rune of Hagarrad depending on what you prefer. With Soldier, 2h Melee Weapon + Forcewave is an easy and good way to level also but it can be boring; matter of taste.

I’ve been using this build to level a new character in FG, started from level 5 in Ultimate difficulty and kept at it to lvl 100. And I can say it’s very strong reliable build all the way.

It feels slow to kill anything in very early levels, but we have great survivability it feels like a proper tank.

I could kill Lokarr at level 92 with somewhat average gear, and I’m working my way towards high shards in FG shattered realm.

My current setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2Ep9WbN

Edit: Today the game got another update (1.1.2) and some minor changes touched this build:

  • [Item] Mythical Markovian’s Stratagem: reduced Physical damage to 11-16 and % Shield Damage Blocked to 40%
  • [Item] Mythical Tinker’s Ingenuity: added 30 Health Regeneration, increased % Health Regeneration on the skill proc
  • [Item] Mythical Shoulderguards of Justice: passive skill removed. Comparable bonuses baked into the base item.
  • [Item] Mythical Shoulderguards of Justice: replaced % Lightning Resist with 18% Aether Resist
  • [Devotion] Shieldmaiden: increased % Block Chance to 6% and % Shield Recovery Time to 18%
  • [Devotion] Targo: added 60% All Retaliation damage and 100 Physical Retaliation
  • [Solider] Overguard: increased Cooldown to 24s. Reduced % Shield Recovery Time scaling with rank to 35% by rank 12, 45% by max ultimate rank. % Reduced Stun Duration now scales with rank to 50% by rank 12, 60% by max ultimate rank. Increased % Health Regeneration scaling with rank to 135% by rank 12, 220% by max ultimate rank.
  • [Solider] Markovian’s Defense: increased Cooldown Reduction to -9.5s. Added -10% Shield Recovery Time and a -18% Total Retaliation damage modifier.
  • [Solider] Shield Training: reduced % Shield Recovery Time and % Block Chance scaling with rank to 12% by rank 10, 24% by max ultimate rank
  • [Inquisitor] Aura of Censure: reduced % Elemental Resist Reduction scaling with rank to -30% at rank 12, -40% by max ultimate rank
  • [Inquisitor] Steel Resolve: reduced Damage Bonus against Eldritch/Chthonians scaling with rank to 12% by rank 12, 18% by max ultimate rank

And some Irrelevant changes:

  • [Item] Mythical Rune Armor of Ignaffar: added +2 to Fire Strike
  • [Item] Cindertouch: reduced Lightning damage modifier for Eye of Reckoning to 4-32

That overall seems like a buff to health regeneration, but nerf for everything else. Defense and offense…