Melee 2H Conjurer with Lighting(?)\Vit possible?


After playing around with different builds presented by other players i finally decided to try something on my own.

I’m inspired by this great build by Retaliator.

But i want a tanky build with huge amount of health(as much Psy as possible) that can basically just stand in Wendigo Totem(+ Blood Pact) radius and kill everything with Shaman 2H weapon skills, Sigil of Consumption and debuffs from Occultist\Shaman trees while regenerating\lifestealling all damage.

Basically my main focus will be on Shaman tree - totem, Swarm, Mogdrogen’s Pact line, Primal Bond, etc.
On Occultist line i want Sigil of Consumption, Solael’s Witchfire + Second Rite, Curse of Frailty + Vulnerability, Blood of Dreeg + Aspect of Guardian so i stop at 32 mastery points.

But i have some questions:

  1. First of all - is this build viable at all? Or some other than Occultist class is more effective for such build?

  2. I have little knowledge about Shaman’s melee abilities, so that abilities work well in this situation?

  3. How Lighting(as far as i understood i have to use lighting-based attack if i go as melee shaman no matter what), bleeding (from both Shaman and Occultists tree) and Vitality damage stacks together? As conjurer i have ability to lower mobs resistances to all damage those type but will it be sufficient?

  4. What about Devotions? Will my default survival be OK and i should focus on more damage? Or i should focus on defensive constellations? Which Constellations are the must?

  5. Any specialists in gear around? Will there be any decent gear for this setup? Will putting together non-set species (f.e. a separate piece for +Vit and separate piece for +Lighting or event a piece for resistances) be enough to survive Ultimate and Nemesis Heroes?

I have similar 2H Melee Conjurer, but with major Lightning\Phys and minor Bleeding\Vitality damage. I’m not using Primal Bond, Sigil of Consumption, totems (only 1-point Wendigo with transmuter for additional healing\damage in big fights) and Swarm. Instead, I use full Savagery line with Brute Force and 1-point Briarthorn with full Emboldening Roar. I finished Ultimate and killed Fabius with this one, so it’s definitely viable. Here’s some video

Do you have any advice for my conjurer lightning build. I really struggling to stay alive on ultimate and I so your video on youtube and you didn´t seems to have any problems stayin alive. I´m just wondering how?? I have tweaked my skills and devotion points around alot and I can´t get it to work.

Hello! Ultimate is definitely non-trivial for the newer player and your build will require certain things to stay alive. In order of importance are…

  • Resistances. They really ALL should be at least 80%. You can kind of get away with 70ies, but anything less than 70% will have you run a real risk of dying even to trash mobs that use that particular damage. Look for yellows and greens that give resistance bonuses to what you’re lacking, and/or use components like Silk Swatch.

  • Source of healing. You’ll be taking decent damage no matter how tanky you are, especially if you’re using 2h weapons, and you need a consistent way to keep health up. You can use either heal skills (Wen Totem, Blood of Dreeg, Giant’s Blood, Healing Rain), health regen (Blood of Dreeg, Tenacity of the Boar), or Attack Damage Converted to Health (Feral Hunger, Blood Pact, Haunted Steel, etc.). Ideally you should have multiple sources of at least 2 of these.

  • Health. As a melee character with no shield, you should be aiming for around 11k, preferably 12k. 10/10 in Heart of the Wild is mandatory, and you may need extra sources of health from gear/devotions.

  • Defensive Ability. This is what keeps you from getting critically hit. You should aim for around 2100, ideally up to 2300. Conjurers don’t have ways to get this stat except for Tenacity of the Boar, but the Wasting modifier of Bloody Pox reduces enemy OA by a good chunk, which is the same thing.

  • Damage absorption. This reduces all incoming damage by a percentage, so it’s obviously very nice for survivability. Possession would be the best choice to get this over Primal Bond I think.

  • Physical Resistance. It’s like normal resistance, but for Physical damage. Pretty much every monster in this game has a Physical damage component to its attacks, so this is useful for preventing more damage. Around 20% would be ideal, and Emboldening Roar at 12/12 will give you this value by itself. Aspect of the Guardian can also give you up to 12%; if you had both you’d be in fantastic shape.

  • Armor/armor absorption. This reduces Physical damage by a flat amount. Heavy armor along with Scaled Hide components should get you around 1k armor rating @ 98% absorption, which is good.

So as you can see, there’s a lot to consider for having your character survive Ultimate. The trick for every build is to balance all this with the need for DPS bonuses like Offensive Ability, resist reduction, attack speed and bonuses to damage. I hope this helps!

  1. Sure it viable.

I have a full vit. conjurer, works well
Shoulders are not BiS but okay.

  1. Savagery is your best friend

  2. Actually better way is focus on one damage type. Sure it possible to do a nice build with different damage’s type, but this also a lot harder.

  3. Again, it depend from your main damage

  4. Wildblood Vanguard are good solution for 2h vit/bleed build