Melee Acid Witchhunter: Roided ABB + default attack or ABB + Beronath Strikes?


Planning to make a witch hunter that slashes stuff in melee. Not sure how to approach it, after briefly testing Beronath Shard skill on an infiltrator gunslinger got disapponted with the skill. Going to use green amulet that converts Elemental to Acid and helmet that converts Cold to Acid.

Here is my theorycrafted draft (based on the items I have).

Don’t want to go Shadow Strike route. Any suggestions/critisism are welcome.

Is this for MC or 170?
NHH is not worth it. WD and AQC are dps loss WPS unless you have spare points to push AQC to 11/8 and WD to 9/8, you don’t need AoE on Poison WH, so I dropped them. Maxed LA for juicy flat poison dmg. Dropped BB cause this shit kill you more often that it save. Dropped CoF to onepointer cause you only need to cast it against big boys and I`m sure you can deal with them under 5 seconds.

In my experience the shard is pretty much never worth it if you’re looking for a decent auto attack replacer. Literally all the ones from skill trees (and even some from items) beat it by a mile. The only time I’ve used a shard is when I had no access to any of the other skills and needed a reliable way to proc a devotion skill.


I think you missed out greens for the shoes. :stuck_out_tongue:

How hard would it be to get the dodge chance up over 50% without losing (significant) DPS? The reason I ask is that it always seems like mobs are problem, bosses get nuked before they lay me out…

Ya’ll impress me with your encyclopedic knowledge of top-tier gear. I’ve got a WH headed this direction, and I’ve been picking up some 75-92 lvl gear to get it into Ultimate…

So what’s the consensus? How do I attack? With abb or with Beronath Shard? Because I am really not sure Acid SS WH is gonna be that great of a build with DW.

And yes, nowadays after Crucible 150-170 nerf imo builds make sense when they can beat it. Because of how easy and accessible by almost alll builds it became.

I like beronath more. ABB is only good for dots, imo. And since beronath works like savagery, it’s good for your wps.

I’ve tried desperately to make a beronsth WH work. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me, but I couldn’t find a way to pull it off.

I then tried to make a pure ABB WH work using the conduit + iceskorn talons. Again, no go.

Out of the 6 or 7 variations I tried with ptirs help, only 2 were successful:
> The nightshade WH

I was going to say that I think you should definitely try to make the beronath one work because it’d be a impressive feather in your already extremely feathered cap as a theorycrafter.

But given the fact you don’t use GDstash, it may not be economical.

I will try I guess. And my hat got less feathers than yours, that’s for sure :slight_smile: