Melee Agrivix

I am playing a CT Sorc, but missing the movement speed and gap closer. (Really love Blademaster with both Shadow Strike and Blitz)
Now I would like to build a melee, combining the Aether Arcanist with either Soldier or Nightblade.
But i have a hard time to decide which 2nd class to choose.

Nightblade offers dual wielding. I plan to use 2 Mindwarps for buffing Devastation (After switching to Caster Offhand) and Agrivis’s Malice Dmg.

Soldier is tankier and could use a shield like Will of the Living (not sure how i feel about shields)
And with the Phys to Aether conversion of the proc, stacking lots of phys could be a good option, right?

Is there any good item or component which let me dual wield as a soldier?

Could use some input here, especially from guys like jajaja or Most (love your guides!)

For items to grant dual wield, you’re limited to either a legendary shaman medal or the dual wield relic. As for a gap closer, you can use Chaos Strike which works much like shadow strike from the NB tree.

Use a riftstone to grant chaos strike for a gap closer, you should be able to hit the run speed cap with a sorc or get super close at least. If you 100% need something else on your weapon you can have it on a 2nd weapon set and swap mid dash