[Melee/Aura] [] (g3) S&B Auramancer Purifier (Belzzzz)

what?! How big was the video file in terms of megabyte?

I deleted it. With the size of the actual video and the fact that I recorded them the same way, it should be about 1,5Go.

Edit #5:
It is solid enough to lose some %armor absorption. I decided to put Kilrian Component for an additional proc’ “on hit”. Note in the guide:

This build will be even better! I’m so eager to see if Paladin will outpace this one.

I’m pretty new to Grim Dawn.
Is this build suitable for beginners?
How would you level it? Inquisitor first?

The build is very easy to pilot as you’re tanky and mainly do passive damage; but you’ll need almost all the items to make it work properly. Anyway, Purifier is one of the most solid masteries. You can make all archetypes: melee, caster, dual gun or 2h ranged build, all of these options being viable engame.

leveling: with Inquisitor indeed.

Devotion Path:
Take Flame Torrent asap for a nice damaging ability. Then make your way to Rhowan (Elemental Storm) and Solael Witchblade (Eldritch Fire), with Viper on the way. Then Ghoul and finally go to the “blue side”. You can ditch Flame torrent whenever you like from there.

Skill leveling:
Word of Pain is one the best abilities early game. It will carry you through Normal/Veteran. By that time, you’ll have a heal (WoR), some good defence (Seal) and offence (Deadly Aim and Aura). I usually have a component ability on off-hand to spam (Fireball/Greater) instead of taking Storm Box right away.
So, to sum up, rush Aura of Censure: WoP (at least 8 points each), Deadly Aim (1), WoR (5), Seal (5) then max Aura of Censure. From there, start your Demolitionist path.

Purifier is very flexible and you can adapt your skill points for what you need and what gameplay you prefer.

Thank you - this really helps me.

Holy crap Belzzzz I think you just transformed my build lol.

I did not realise that Cinderplate Girdle and the Light’s Oath rings convert 100% piercing damage to Fire!

That’s like the final piece in the puzzle for my similar Paladin build since it lets me utilise Seal of Blades SO much more effectively!

For point of reference this is my build, you’ve probably seen it a few times, but this is with your belt and rings:

And before you say “INQUISITOR WITHOUT SEAL IS BLASPHEMY” just remember I am permanently moving and it just doesn’t make sense for my build lol

Yes, I remember. We discussed some item choices in the FG mega thread. Glad you can find something useful here :slight_smile: Auramancer rocks!
Note: you can still move in a tiny seal :wink:

This build is viable to last patch ?

The build is very viable though not as efficient as its little brother, the Paladin version (sr 75 capable):

I have yet to try SR with this build. I think SR 45 should be doable but higher, I don’t know, it’s lacking a bit of OA and damage compared to the Paladin. I’ll try it next week and will post another update.

I put an updated GT link in the guide and will submit it for the new compendium next week with the SR results.

Notable changes from
Weapon, gloves, rings, medal; New Devotion path (Light of Empyrion deleted for Scarab, Behemoth and Obelisk). Flashbang added.

ok, thank you ^^


During my playthrough I realised I don’t realy like using the horn. I often even forget it’s there. Can I drop it? I don’t see what it adds to the build but maybe I miss something (I’m not a real pro). If I shouldn’t drop it, what do i lose?

It adds damage. Also weapon damage so you can life steal. Also reduces enemy damage (which will over write Aura of Censures damage reduction since Horn is higher)