[Melee/Aura] [] (g3) S&B Auramancer Purifier (Belzzzz)

[] S&B Auramancer Purifier Forgotten Gods Update
  • Malakor Mace got nerfed but there’s a better weapon now, with a new aura.
  • Elemental balance Rings have been nerfed but we have a nice replacement, with pierce to fire conversion;
    a) which frees the glove slot.
    b) which gives Seal of Blades auras now a 100% pierce to fire conversion.
  • A new medal with a more damaging Aura of Censure.
  • This shield could make the cut but the -1 to all skills and we don’t know how farmable this will be yet. And I don’t like rare MI in builds.
  • Slight nerf for Inquisitor in RR and damage (medal) on Aura of Censure especially but nothing alarming.

A lot of new items have been added in FG and the build will gain a lot: a new aura, 100% pierce to fire conversion, an even more damaging Aura of Censure.

>>>>> GRIMTOOL <<<<<<

With toggles and Word of Renewal.

SR RANGE = 45 max. Not enough damage output to hope for more.


Here is a compilation of what the build can do, thanks to malawiglenn.

Seal of blades variation: Procs on dummy / Lokarr / Ancient Grove (first part).


Purifier was my first character in AoM and I have a particular love for this class and its firework potential.
This build is the combination of 2 ideas :
1- The combo Armor of Ignaffar Chest + Tainted Ruby Amulet that I used while leveling through my 60-80.
2- A powered-up Aura of Censure with Malakor’s Mace(that I used in this DW 40-sec-Lokarr build already) and the Gaze of Empyrion Helm.
3- The addition of 2 more Fire Auras (Component x2).

First, I went full aura + proc (Chance on block, Chance when hit and Chance on attack). Every item has indeed a « chance … » mod.
First iteration : <<<< GRIMTOOL >>>>
The problem with this version is the lack of armor and physical resistance. Good enough for all campaign content (with lots of fireworks !) but not for Lokarr.
And as for any fire Purifier/Commando, you can’t go wrong if you go Justicar. 2 pieces of the set were added.

Pre-FG version of the build GT LINK :

Details on the build


  • LMB Firestrike
  • RMB Chaos Strike
  • K1 Thermite Mine (Elemental Storm)
  • K2 Flashbang (Eldritch Fire)
  • K3 Word of Renewal
  • K4 Inquisitor Seal
    Very easy gameplay. All trash mobs die without doing anything but standing close to them. Rush with Chaos Strike, Flashbang/Thermite Mine and finish them with Firestrike. Inquisitor Seal and Horn of Gandar for defensive purposes.


Helm => better Aura of Censure/Vindictive Flame
Gloves/Belt =>better Whirling Blades
Weapon => better Aura of Censure
Amulet => +1 Aura
Chest Armor => +1 Aura
Pants => Chance when hit
Boots => Chance when hit + damage reduction
Shield => Chance on Block
Medal => Chance on Block
Rings => Chance on attack


The obvious RR constellations for fire builds (Solael’s Witchblade and Rhowan’s Crown). Good defensive procs (Ghoul and Light of Empyrion).


Damage absorption Inquisitor Seal, Blast Shield and Prismatic Diamond.
Damage reduction Aura of Censure, Horn of Gandarr, Stormtitan Boots and Light of Empyrion.


Well… that’s a non Soldier S&B … so … not a lot. Your damage is mainly passive. A bit like a fake Retaliation build.


This is my benchmark. A build graduates from Belzzz’s school if it passes the Lokarr test. And this build did, brilliantly. The fight is long (about 1 min. 30 sec. full face-tanking) but you don’t sweat and can’t get in real danger.


The Devotion path I chose is quite defensive. Going for Meteor Shower, Flame Torrent and/or Hand of Ultos could be an interesting option.



Spalonygolem smartly proposed to include Whirling Blades from Seal of Blades component. To implement this change, we need pierce to fire conversion: Gloves + Belt provide this. The loss of defence (justicar set bonus #2) and damage on firestrike are fairly compensated by the addition of 2 auras bonuses and some skill point/augment adjustments. I also picked Horn of Gandarr instead Flashbang due to the Pierce/Fire conversion and because I like the ability. After some testing, this version is a tiny bit less solid, has less mobility (Rifstone) but feels even more Auramancer-ish. You can finish any dungeon (but bosses of course) without pushing any button.
This is definitively my favorite version and the most efficient one. The guide has thus been updated toward a double seal variation as the main build.


[spoiler]I tried and made a successful version: <<< grimtool >>> that killed Lokarr. It’s a very tough fight compared to Purifier and Tactician. It consists in pushing all your abilities as soon as they’re not on CD. The inclusion of Veil of Shadow seems powerful on paper but doesn’t compensate for the loss of utility/defence/offence that Soldier and Demolitionist provide.

This is a greenless and really solid build, fun and visually pleasant to play. Don’t expect time records though.
I hope you’ll like it!

Edit Log

Edit #1: Horn of Gandarr deleted from the last version + minor skill point changes (thanks to Saw’s advice)
Edit #2: Added a compilation video from malawiglenn.
Edit #3: Added a Seal of Blades Variation of the build.
Edit #4: New video; Infiltrator version.
Edit #5: New chest component.
Edit #6: Notes on before FG launch.
Edit #7: Notes on before FG launch.

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Decent build, nice job dude!

Damage reduction (up to 72%):
it’s not stacked, only the highest is picked.

Damage reduction is like flat RR, OK then (I’m sad). Corrected.

And Damage absorption is multiplicative

Great to see someone posting an auramancer. That’s was one of my favorite character types before AoM. But, unfortunately, auramancers are pretty weak in the current patch and you can’t really rely on your damage auras to deal any significant damage.

The build still needs a bit of polishing though:

  1. Horn is useless. Don’t ever pick it up. As said above, damage reduction doesn’t stack.
  2. You don’t need more tham 12 out of 12 in Fire Strike. Overcaping it doesn’t give much damage. I’d recommend investing in Brimstone instead.
  3. Seal of Blades is much better than the Riftstone. It gives you some sweet armor and another aura, that alows you to proc stuff even more often. You will lose the movement skill, but no worries, FG is comming with the new movement runes)
    4)You need more items with built-in procs. Thats how any Auramancer works. I’d think about changing the shoulders and gloves for those for example:
    https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8293 and https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9114 / https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/8045
  1. I know. It’ just 1 skill point for an AoE confuse. It used to be useful with the Cinderplate Belt (50% pierce into fire) for a little AoE, good enough to kill trash mobs.
  2. I’ll try that.
  3. You’re right. Indeed, FG will shake my builds, in a good way I hope.
  4. I invite you to read the “Concept” part of the thread and the first grimtool link :wink:

You have confuse on Flashbang. Now, without the belt, the Horn is pretty much a waste of a skill point, imo.

Oh, haven’t noticed that little extra link, my bad :rolleyes:

Could you add a video of gameplay for demonstration? :slight_smile:

I play on in-home-stream on Steam (from PC to MacOS) and it has stability issues, especially since the last update. I have to play via Moonlight now, waiting for Steam to solve the issue and have been doing it for a few days (more stable but graphics are so bad).

Besides, I don’t know how to record an IG video :eek:. Is there a quick tutorial available on this forum or on YT ?

I’m confused :confused: with all those confuse abilities. You convinced me though. HoG is erased from Earth :stuck_out_tongue:

You can download OBS then there are many guides out there for it.

Otherwise, you can send me the char files via e-mail and I can do some video for you. I just think this kinda flashy build deserves to be seen :smiley:

Is the “player.gdc” file enough or you need also the “map” files with it ?

no idea, you could but the entire folder, in another folder, and zip that folder.

I thought about it for so long, but i never have time or resource to produce a real build :wink:
There are horns of ekketzul, but its plain weaker than empyrion.

Maybe full phys Tactician with Shard of Beronath, two Seal of blades?

Seal of Blades doesn’t scale with physical damage at all, you’d need to get some bleeding or pierce damage if you want to deal damage with it.

Except if you include some pierce to fire conversion. Which I did, and it works wonders. I have added a special section for this variation in the guide.

More videos to fellow.

Player.gdc is the only one you’d need to test out a build. The rest are just the map/quest progression and stuff.

Update: video added (seal of blades version); quick guide on infiltrator version.

video looks good :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: I first intended to publish a whole Bastion ofChaos run but youtube, after 2h of downloading told me that the video was too long …