Melee character newbie help

Hey guys,

I recently started playing Grim Dawn and need help deciding what I should play.
So far I tried a few classes and came to the conclusion that I want to play a melee focused character.
I tend to go for builds that focus around empowering your auto attacks with a lot of passive buffs supplemented by a few active abilities.
From what I can tell both Blademaster and Warder seem to support that kind of playstyle.
It would be nice if you could give me some help deciding what to play and some general idea how a good build would look like.

Witchblade with Witchfire, possession,tactical command and blood of dreedg is exactly what you need!

Thanks for the fast answer. Judging by the talents I guess I should start with Occultist and then Soldier.
When I take a look at the talents they seem to focus on chaos dmg. Does that mean I should stack spirit?
What kind of weapon should I use?