Melee shaman, savagery or primal strike? 2nd class recommendations?

I’m looking to do a melee shaman and I see a lot of guides focusing on savagery or primal strike with the thunderous strike transmutation. How are these two in the late game? Also, if you do go savagery, is it viable to get regular primal strike (without the transmutation for the stun), or is that just a waste of points?

For the 2nd class, the only one I haven’t played yet is soldier, but it seems that the melee shaman works best with demolitionist or arcanist, especially if you go for lightning damage.

Primal Strike starts to fall off late Elite and becomes rather bad on Ultimate. Savagery is definitely the much better option.

You can do a Lightning Warder like i did and works pretty well, beat the entire game without dying once and i can farm Nemeses easily. Demolitionist is definitely the better option though due to Flame Touched for Lightning damage and OA, Thermite Mines for Lightning resist reduction , Blast Shield for tanking and Flasbang for Crowd control and DA reduction.

@Norzan - 2h or s&b?

Could u link grimcalc for both builds please?


Definitely two handed for both.

Something like this. You can move skill points around to your liking if you have + to skills.

Thx :slight_smile: once i hit legendary with my pyro gunslinger im going 2h malee :slight_smile: