melee skill and animation issue

everyone i just try grimdawn
and like the style of graphic

but i feel melee animation is poor , idk i find any nice melee animation all the skill tree of the Soldier is passive or buff but i find any nice ability animation ???
thank for help and advise i`m . bit disappointed :undecided:

You know, different people have different opinions about “badass” animations, etc. I think 2-h melee animation for Markovian Advantage looks “badass”, also Blind Fury constellation proc. But of course, you may ave other opinions…

idk this is suppose to be all ability of the Soldier ???

all i see is 90% the same bashing animation and only add some particle
effect , other skill are buff or passive , just disappointed to have any ability ,
now the Soldier have only bashing animation and is look chunky , is sad because all the game is awesome , just the number of animation for melee is lacking,
caster is not so bad because they use more particle effect , peace :slight_smile: