melee tank

hi all

last week i discovered this great game. still cant believe i have overlooked this absolutely best arpg i have ever seen. it reminds me of Nox and Baldurs gate 1.

well, to the point… as u guess im total new to this game and i seek a tank melee build. it needs to be easy and straight forward to figure out.

the build needs to have max 3 active skills. for mouse button 1 and 2 and maybe one skill in hotbar. you deside if it shall be two 1h or one 2h weapon. i also need to know what devotions to spend points in first. and how the attribute points is spend.

ps: i have looked at alot of builds at the compendium V but didnt feel like i found a correct melee build that is good to solo bosses with.

Sword and board witchblades and commandos are easy and easy to find with guides constantly at the top. They might have a little more active support skills though, just because thats their benefits of a class. CoF + Blood of Dreeg, or flashbang, and then warcry. Plus a movement gap closer skill.