Menhirs Will with Focus and 2 Handed Ranged

I suggest changing Menhirs Will to be allowed for 2 Handed Ranged and Focus wielding characters. It would add a really needed option for survivability to play styles that need more options to utilize in builds.

And on a side note, I’ve always wanted to make a build with Sacred Texts of Menhir, and it could also be really cool to have menhirs will working with the sacred texts as a unique skill option for that item.

Ideas and thoughts please.


I think the restriction is there as more of a flavor thing than anything else, emphasizing the close range, heavily armored combat soldiers are supposed to be good at. Making it work for rifles/crossbows isn’t a bad idea but it’d be kind of odd to have it work with tomes.

Maybe if there’s a Mythic Sacred Texts of Menhir ;).