Merchant will only sell, not buy items

When selecting a stocked item in the Trading Post upon a merchant’s arrival who both sells and buys a specific item, clicking the “Buy/Sell” window only shows up the “buy” option for that item, not being able to select between buy or sell.

As shown here, Coal is something this trader both sells, but also buys from the settlement. However clicking the Buy/Sell button, only provides the “Buy” part instead of an option between buy or sell.


Current issue: Only the buying part is possible for a merchant that is selling and buying an item.
Expected function: To be able to select between sell and buy when a merchant is both selling and buying an item.

  • Trading post was stocked with Coal
  • No shortcut buttons to change the option to sell from buying worked
  • No options to actually select a selling function was visible

Not a bug as your trading post isn’t stocked with coal, your trading staff haven’t delivered it to the trading post yet. That’s what this means, they’re bringing coal to the trading post to sell, but there’s none there yet.

Which is why it shows you have zero in the tradining post.

And a trader having that much coal already is unlikely to buy more from you anyway.

Your coal is not stocked in the trading post yet, so it cannot be sold.

damn didnt see that

What about that fancy green arrow showing that the trader is purchasing? Or the tooltip stating that he is selling and purchasing?

You can disregard medea’s comment about the “quantity” of coal the trader already has. That is not how the trading post functions.

Ah, gotta love the spread of misinformation that is only addressed once a user points it out. :man_shrugging: it was irrelevant information anyway, since OP had already provided a screenshot of the selfsame trader purchasing coal.

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