Merchants not stopping at the Trading Post: they arrive and leave, no trade possible

Merchants are arriving, the notification fires, and the Merchant turns immediately around and leaves.

I had this once on 0.7.5b, then I patched to 0.7.5c and have seen it happen three times. Twice with an individual trader, and just now with two traders at once.

Screenshot of two merchants leaving while their notifications are still brand new:

Save file(s):

I saw a post where someone suggested that simply “relocating” a building (a Market that wasn’t working in their case) it started working again.

I rebuilt my Trading Post in place and the next spring a merchant stopped and I am able to trade. Will update this if it reoccurs.

Yup, it starts happening again. Can’t figure out anything that might be causing it. Seems to happen if there’s no merchant already present, if there is a merchant already present, having the Trading Post window open, closed, it happens under all these circumstances.

I’ve saved, closed the game, restarted the game, loaded a different save, etc. Traders show up, trigger the notification, and turn around and leave.

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