Merging mods

Hey peeps im trying to merge 2 mods but i cant seem to make it work. when i merge the folders i make sure nothing changes anything or overwrites something but still it doesnt work

the mods are


I searched around but couldnt find any tutorial

In order to merge mods you need the source files for each mod and merge them, then generate/compile the mods into, basically, a new mod.

ty for the fast answer bro.
Hopefully i can ask doom about his source too
Was there any tutorial for compiling?

This is a pretty big subject, but I will try to give you a quick set of tips since the 2 mods you are trying to merge are quite small in terms of the number of files.

Doom’s mod, once you get the source, will be only records (called dbrs). Dbrs are in the folder called database/records The expanded stash is a mix of dbrs and a source image. Even though the folder reads “source” we will call them “resources” as that is the name of the compiled result folder.

When you compile a mod, the dbrs all get shoved into an archive called modname.arz. The resources get compiled into multiple files with an .arc suffix.

Most resources (for example the psd file in the stash mod) have an companion file in the assets folder.

As long as the 2 mods do not have any same-path dbrs, you can just merge the sources. If 2 mods have modded the same dbr, you need to be able to figure out how to merge the changes from each dbr into a dbr that has all the changes to that record.

  1. using AssetManager (AM), make a new mod and name it. Compile the empty mod and quit.

  2. copy everything under database/records from each mod into your new mod.

  3. copy all sources and assets from both mods (in your case just the stash mod) into your new mod.

  4. re-launch AM and build the mod.

Should be all there is to it.


Wow its such a messy story ty for this, hopefully i get the source from the other mod and try this. thanks a lot

Uhm i figured out 1 problem. Mods like Dawn of masteries doesnt have records at all. Any advice how to merge them?