Merits? Where to buy?


do i have to conquer the FG DLC to be able to buy Merits? The GD Wiki is at that point a little bit sketchy. I walk with my Ulti Char into the hideout of the three to buy Merits but even after doing the first trial and chosing a side i can’t see any merchant.

GD Wiki:
Champion’s and Savior’s Merits can be purchased by a character after finishing Elite or Ultimate respectively, and used to unlock that difficulty for another character, allowing the player to tackle the extra challenge and rewards from the very beginning and avoid repeating the main campaign.

You talk to the first vendor in the new content (at the camp of the Three). I think any of the vendors there will sell them.

To get to the new content in the first place, talk to the emissary (west of devils crossing near where you get hanged to start the game, or near the vendors at the coven) to get the portal to the content.

Thx! Oh man i’m so stupid and have looked after any special merchant like the man with the exchange iron to barrens :rolleyes: