Merry Christmas and to all a Grim Night!

Most city/town builders only have one difficulty.

any update Mr Evil Medierra?:stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Christmas. It’s actually coming so soon already… I feel like Christmas was two weeks ago. Dude…

I already saw the first Glühwein (mulled wine? hot spiced wine?) in shops. Who wouldn’t heat up some wine at home to heat oneself up when it’s only 30 degree Celsius outside?

Sounds like an evil plan. The corrupt Santa is watching us…

Here’s hoping this year’s Christmas message will reveal the title of the game, the new website, etc. Okay, probably asking a lot, but what a nice Chrissy present if you can manage it big M. Fingers crossed.

Yeah, would be cool!

Medea, I guess you already pointed Sinnfullduck to the first page of this thread? :slight_smile:

Yes, Arnge and I both posted the link during the stream.

Ah, good work! :wink:

I don’t know why, but this just made me think about how awesome it would be if some company creating an inter-connecting series of games that all played into one another.

In this instance, you have Grim Dawn, but if you get the city builder, it also acts as a sort of modding tool, where the cities/regioins you create also appear in Grim Dawn as areas you can visit and explore.

Sounds interesting, but don’t know how well it would work in practice. Would the city builder stuff just be limited to what a person makes themself or would it be available to all players? :undecided: Would be pretty complicated if everything made is supposed to be available to all players.

Idk what the other guy is talking about but in the Sims you can either build your own house, or you can download a house other people have built. When you finish your constructions you can choose to upload them to the sims filesharing host and let them be available to all other players, but they aren’t automatically added to your game otherwise. I would think a system like that would be pretty cool. But as we know Crate doesn’t really have the resources for something like that, I think that is far out of reach for a game like GD.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Wait, it’s November… Why are you refreshing a thread that’s about Christmas in November? Christmas is in December, in 50 damn days. Anyway, Merry Christmas.

Besides, don’t know what it’s like in your part of the world, but here Christmas stuff is already appearing in the shops, some decorations are out already, etc, etc. :eek:

We sometimes have Christmas ads in July/August. We officially start it in end of November/start of December. Whenever I see Christmas stuff so early, so before December, I say “idiots”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it would be local-only or a manual import from a file-share library, otherwise a game would easily become too flooded with add-on content if it was automatically imported.

Not sure why I was really thinking about it, maybe because I always get bummed thinking about the end of playing a game I enjoy. Yes, we have another expac coming, but how many more after that? So many games I loved playing that have nothing new to offer, so they eventually get uninstalled.

Hell, all the stores here had all the Halloween junk already placed in the discount aisles 2 weeks before Halloween. And you can bet your ass that once Nov 1 hit, all the Christmas crap was already out on display… and the carols were playing in every store.

Yeah, but too many expansions just make a game too long to play. FG will likely be the last big content, but that’s not to say the devs won’t continue to add stuff post release. Plus there’s this new project and Medierra’s already said they’ll be starting something else soon. We have plenty to look forward to. :slight_smile:

I think is about time to hear some news about the new project, what do you guys think?

See here: