Merry Christmas and to all a Grim Night!

Looking forward to find out more of this game :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays to Everybody

Hummm City Builder?

SimCity style? Or something along the line of what Mobile Aps are trying to do (Evolution over a time period from old stuff to recent element?) kinda like most Age game but really based around the Building of stuff and not the RTS part ?

Where do I sign up to follow that new project? I didn’t drop a thousand hour in a single game since Diablo 2 (Fallout 3 came close) so your game clearly gave me all I could have wished for and gonna be interested in following you gang

Happy holidays to u all and have a happy new year!

happy holidays

happy holidays guys, keep up the good work, gd2 …oh you tease.

+1 new engine

Would be really cool to get a base building/survival sim set in the Grim Dawn universe!

But, from that screenshot it looks like it will be more of a traditional medieval setting.

Great atmosphere in the screenshot, looks nice and makes me want more ! So i’m really interested in both this new game and the future of Grim Dawn :slight_smile:

City builder…I do not know. I hope we will see some fighting there. Or loot. If game will have too different audience it will be harder to sell it. Loyal players will buy game from Crate team if they will like this new genre.

About ARPG… After playing Sairento I think typical ARPG a bit outdated. Maybe making ARPG for new market will be good choice. It will be hard to make GD2 too different from original. And making same game again and again… I think it’s easier to work in big company like Blizzard and do the same here.

Why, city builders are fun, we need more Banished. There weren’t many lately and the niche just needss to be filled with something less indie. Local old bugger population playing since D1 is into city builders too I am sure, so will appreciate it.

I like city builders. SimCity 4 is still king of it for me. Some kind relatively peacefull “medieval” thing…I am all in. I hope it is going to be more building than fighting. I will try it.

Thought it would be cool(maybe i’m the only one) if the City Builder have a connection to the universe of Grim Dawn. Let’s Build an City in the Builder Game, than in GD2 you can import your City as Mainbase where you have to defend it from the Horde of Monsters. Jokes aside, the Screenshot looks pretty good and i’m excited to see what comes next.

Anyway Happy New Year you too Crate =)

From the Kickstarter update I just received.

“Finally, if you missed it on our social media / forum, I thought I’d share this little holiday card we created giving a sneak peek at a new town-builder we’ve been working on…”


If this will be simcity-like game then I’m out. If we will defend our city (like in stronghold) then players will compare it with “They are billions” which is pretty good. But Crate Team still has a chance because competitors is not smart enouch to invent Devotion.

Anyone notice the new background on Mountain Valley Town:

Yes, ages ago. :smiley: It’s also to do with the new project.

I hope so, I love city builder/RTS games. I enjoyed all of the Anno games (except the latest) and liked the Age of Empires series a lot too. Excited to hear more if this is true.

City builder part confirmed.

you should check out Cities Skylines then.

hopefully soon we get more info about this game.

I know it. I am playing it occasionally. But for some reason I really still like SimCity 4 very much. Network Addon Mod and many, many others additions are really magnificent.