Mesage that warehouse is full but still has plenty of capacity V0.8.0P2

Warning message come up that there is nowhere to store goods when i click on the magnifier symbol it highlights the warehouse, but the capacity isn’t even half full

That message is about a certain good even though it only tells you which category that good is from. The storage out takes you to with the mag glass often isn’t relevant. I really hope they update it to name the actual good in the notification because it’s a real pain trying to work it out.

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I would have thought you could keep as much of one item say soap, as you want so long as the warehouse has capacity

You can do that, but it’s not the issue here. I believe what MeowBeep is referring to, is that you have a produced item/s (eg:Soap) not able to be stored anywhere. You’ve deselected its ability to be stored in your Storehouse/Root Cellar/Market.

Check all your storage and ensure produced items have somewhere to go. Mine (for a while) was raw meat/fish, I wasn’t storing it in my Root Cellar and once the Hunter/Fishing Hut was full (The Smoker was taking their time), I got the same message. Building another Smoker freed up the storage in the cabins and the message went away.


Thank you I understand now I will have a look. Cheers

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