message for the devs (positive)

Slightly long winded… sorry. Literally registered just to post this.

When Diablo 3 came to consoles it was almost immediately asked “oooh does that mean we get controller support for pc?” The response from Blizzard was no. That would’ve been bad enough but it was basically stated in such a way (can’t find the post) that was more or less “since we didn’t plan on it it’s not happening”.

Whenever controller support first got implemented for GD, I didn’t care for it as it was clearly still functioning as a substitute for mouse and keyboard. However, I recall there being a pretty lengthy tutorial on how to function with it with a disclaimer basically telling those of us who prefer a controller to not expect it to be perfect and thought “holy crap at least they care enough to try”.

Got burnt out on ARPGs as a whole so took some time away.

Saw Titan Quest hit Xbox live and remembered “that’s where the guys from Crate came from, wonder what’s up in GD”. Reinstalled.

All I can say is wow. I’m sure there have been other changes other people are more concerned about. But I’ve never been so impressed with a dev team. Being able to play with a controller as if I’m on my xbox is amazing to me.

Grim Dawn will now and forever be my go to when I need to scratch that ARPG itch. Further if Crate continues with this level of passion for their products you will have a lifelong fan.

Thank you.

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This game is just way too good. I am bored as fuck and don’t want to play anything, alt+tab to my steam account and think “fuck GD is boring after 400+ hours…” clicks the play button and plays for at least 2 hours.

Grim Dawn is just too good of a game, to be honest.

I have been playing almost entirely with my gamepad since went into closed testing (about half a year ago). Not only for playtesting purposes, but simply because I love it.

Well, you’ll be able to do that in the future too since the game is coming to Xbox.

Playing with the controller is absurdly comfortable right now on GD.

I’ve been playing with my Blademaster mostly with the Xbox 360 controller and the only time I use the mouse/keyboard with this char is when I have too much stuff to sell at the same time.

I play on a laptop and I use the laptop’s keyboard, so on long play sections it gets uncomfortable to have my arm extended across the table and my face close to the screen. On the controller I can stay father, with my arms relaxed. Much better.