Meteor Shower ( Ulzuin's torch) -> shaking window -> bad user experience !

Dear Devs,

im using Meteor Shower and bound it to my IceSpike ability from Deathchill Bolt component. Basically Meteor Shower is up all the time when i use it, cause im casting about 3 spikes per second, and this is fine. There is only one (huge) problem. Everytime Meteor Shower is proccd, the game window starts to shake. After playing 1 hour GrimDawn, i fear to get an epileptic spasm because of the shaking all the time. Please remove that shaking, its really annoying and it ruins the user experience completely. I would appreciate that very hard. Thank you so far, you are doing a great job!

Game options has a checkbox for screen shake.

Options -> General -> Camera Shake (top right for me)

Your right, thanks for that, issue solved!