"Meter Target Area"; What does it mean? AoE or targeting aid?

There are certain skills that list a radius and there are some that list meter target area. I would like to know how to differentiate these, if they are different.

If something lists both a target area and a radius, it’ll hit a random radius of the smaller area within the larger area (and possibly repeat the process).

trozan’s sky shard has both, the meter target area is where projectiles can fall at random, the radius is how big the aoe/damage is for each projectile.

I immediately thought about the following build

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I think I understand now. So, I would like to ask more thing. Does Meter target area actually mean AoE? Because I struggle to understand the application of something like Amarasta’s Blade Burst, which lists a target area, but not a radius.

Yes, it does.

It will hit every enemy in a 5,5 meters radius around the target you hit. Radius i believe only applies to skills with projectiles like Trozan’s Sky Shard, Grenado, Stun Jacks and a few others (probably some exception out there).

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