Microsoft buys Blizzard/Activision


“…and will provide building blocks for the meta verse.”

Anyone else a little wary of the meta verse thing?

Does MS not want to stay behind Embracer Group? But I would have expected that Activision Blizzard was big and profitable enough to remain independent.

microsoft should rename itself into cosmicsoft already.

I saw that earlier today. I wonder what will happen to D4 now. Also, will WoW get any better? Not that I care, just curious. I was going to wait a while till after D4 launches to make any decision. Good thing there is still plenty of Grim Dawn to play.

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I think MS is growing too big, While not a fan of acti / blizzard, and blizzard has never been the same since the buy out by acti. However, MS seems to be buying out a few publishers. To me that may either help gaming, or make things worse, as less competition means less quality. Especailly if games are forced to MS console only, then maybe PC later (IF). I’m not sure if the move is a good one.

But then again, it might inject new blood and ideas into that rotting duo, as for WOW, I think its high time that thing is laid to rest once and for all. And Blizzard starting making good games again. So in that respect, this buyout could be what that developer needs.

But still, MS power is growing, I wonder how many other publishers / studios MS buys? and if they will either do better, or will they be left to dust, and MS turns its attention to another high raise devs / publishers studios.

Right now, Indie studios really interest me more. But I do feel that MS is getting too big for its boots, and should be investigated by a competition watchdog.

I just feel one mega publisher is just too much and may harm gaming for the long time.

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One of these days Microsoft or Disney will buy out each other.

Probably the greatest Starcraft movie ever

Everything else

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i’m still trying to figure out how this is even a good deal for MS
like, even if it was about destroying Sony by having “all” the console exclusives
how many years, decades, (centuries?), is it gonna take before actiblizz earns that investment back like that from the console front?

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This is the thing that bothers me. Apart from D4, which may still be happening? what has Blizzard really done? Wow is slowly dying. It will never be as big, and I highly doubt it will come to consoles, unless it gets strip down. To me Starcraft is dead. Diablo is getting there as well. apart from the classics, Blizzard is nothing but a shell. We only have to look at warcraft reforged for that. As most of the work as handled by another studio.

So what exactly does Blizzard offer to MS? I don’t see anything, especailly as the recent offerings from Blizzard has been half attempts and bad ones at that.

that company is Blizzard in name only, the realy creative arm of that has long since left.

So bad investment. As for acti, I don’t really see much there that interests me either. I feel this move is trying to starve Sony, and to me, We will have a major console war, and forces households to buy two expensive consoles and games. Or drive sony out of the western hemisphere. I think Sony may end up with Indies and Eastern style games, and considering that many such games have license issues, they take a long time to appear, Recent one is Super Robot Wars 30. sure you can buy other games in the series, but only if you live in the East.

So games might be forced into two camps, I feel that would be a very bad move, especailly if eastern devs don;t have the money or the risk to sell their games on the western front, and PC platform might not justify the cost.

Bad, real bad, considering there are some great games from those devs, it would be a shame if they no long sell games over here, (EU / US) simply because MS might not want their games on their systems.

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indie games are the leaders nowadays. they’re more creative than major AAA game developers with how many indie games telling the world that video gaming isn’t just about pushing buttons, watching the games and competing for scores.

to me, most of the times its just better to watch let’s players play AAA games rather than buying and playing them myself. so all these microsoft vs sony console wars or whatever doesn’t bother me too much since indie games are always there to provide fulfillment for us.

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Or not it seems.

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well, there goes my hope that blizzard would be less derpy with microsoft as the new overseer. or maybe the merge would still happen. i dunno.

Well, we’ll have to wait and see. The US and EU still haven’t made a decision either though I understand there’s a legal challenge to it in the US.

Interesting shopping list.

while i’d be glad if microsoft could acquire blizzardvision, that shopping list shows microsoft is getting too ambitious to monopolize lots of studios… like how facebook meta got so stubborn with its failtastic metaverse project.