Pretty sure someone who even remotely cares would make a thread about this
So it might as well be yours truly

As most of you know the recent patch has arrived and it brought some really awesome changes. Most notably Beronath Sword that may tempt me enough to update the game and kiss RL goodbye

Some changes have been on the negative end. Mindwarp happens to be one of them. Not only did it get its CDR removed for no apparent reason its completely non-OP proc got nerfed to the ground

Old Mindwarp -


New Mindwarp -


So, what gives? Even the oldest version of the sword wasn’t very OP and the new one sucks and makes Aether Melee suffer more than ever.
Now I get AS is being added, but AS can be easily stacked. Conversion on the other hand can’t.

Hm, during testing the proc had 22% conversion. Unsure why that changed. Regardless, you can still reach 100% Physical -> Aether conversion when dualwielding these.

For most of my builds with this weapon, they’ve moved from being pretty OK to borderline the strongest thing I’ve seen (other than Spellbreakers, which still hold that position). So I’m a little confused about what you’re complaining about. What’s weak in your eyes? What was strong in the old one?

I assume it was the fact that you could get 100% with a single item, freeing other slots.

Personally I like the new version better, because attack speed is neat.

The 100% Conversion was not only strong but it opened up more build possibilities. Aether Witchblade in particular that didn’t have the conversion advantage of Battlemage benefited from this.

My complaint here is that why was it changed at all? Warpfire got changed cause it was used for some broken stuff. But the old Mindwarp proc wasn’t even remotely broken.

Also the DPS increase that you might observe might not come from this weapon alone since a bunch of other stuff got buffed.

By that logic both Beronath and Blood Orb are extremely broken

I can only provide anecdotal evidence, but my Aether Battlemage feels quite a bit stronger with the new Mindwarp. I don’t feel like it was a nerf.

That’s cause a bunch of stuff recieved buffs. During which saw the nerf to a bunch of stuff. When I logged in, all the builds had higher sheet DPS.

Your BM might be better but the weapon itself doesn’t feel much better to me anymore and the change feels unnecessary

I didn’t say old Mindwrap was broken, I was simply replying to Ceno’s “What was strong in the old one?”. IMO both versions are pretty neat items.

The thing is, 100% conversion is almost never a necessity. You can still rock your Aether Witchblade, and it’ll be far more consistent now with its performance than needing to wait 8 seconds out of 14 for the proc to come back online. Your build can still get 87% Physical -> Aether conversion, permanently.

Moreover, the old Mindwarp proc had great antisynergy within itself. There was no reason to dualwield it because getting a crit would be guaranteed to proc the buff twice for little gain, essentially giving you just +200% Aether Damage while the conversion - the item’s calling card - was wasted.

Also the DPS increase that you might observe might not come from this weapon alone since a bunch of other stuff got buffed.
To some extent, sure. But the changes to Mindwarp are definitely the largest contributor to my builds that were using it. The Attack Speed is monstrous and has amazing synergy with Cadence/Savagery/Fire Strike and its own proc.

-I understand the consistency point. But The proc wasn’t bad in any way, the damage burst of that proc was very helpful.

And 87% conversion is only possible if I DW the weapon and get Reckless Power, that kinda kills the point of Aether Shield builds. (Although i must concur, Will of the Living looks pretty sweet now)

-You can DW Mindwarp and some other weapon like Warpfire for far superior Melee performance

-Attack Speed can be stacked though, conversion isn’t that easy to stack

The current Mindwarp feels like Iskandra Amulet proc to me, it’s neat but I miss the old one :frowning:

While I was factoring in Reckless Power, you can get 87% with the shield.

Was it possible to stack 200% Atack speed before? If not, then %ias pretty much offset the lack of conversion.

Oh right the components. Not worth it conversion is good but defenses might get compromised too much

Anyways, this is one of the few gripes i have with this patch. Besides Beronath of course - come on guys I was catching a break from all the theorycrafting and you release this really crazy ass weapon that opens up all kinds of whacky possibilities :rolleyes:

Not for caster builds :wink:

If that is close to strongest you have seen you definitely have issues with your builds.

P.S. No cold/SB SS spelbreaker is not the strongest, or to be more specific not the build with highest dmg output, any more.

@ OP all to all change to that proc is noting significant other than you definitely should change from star pact to reckless power now, for more conversion to aether. Tho with the change of Beronath I dont see much point in this change, totally unnecessary imho aside from being pointless proc (instead of just upping base conversion to 36% they made permanent proc with 100% chance of activation).

Do enlighten me.

Sry cant :slight_smile:

Im waiting for Zantai to buffs it in next few patches/expansion first (Im not joking) :wink:

A) That’s dumb and legitimately pissed me off for about an hour.

B) I’d be really surprised if Crate buffs/nerfs anything next patch. There’s really no reason to because the expac content will change everything up anyways.

nothing in particular would be buffed, and if they do that we get a first hand in seeing/testing it so we can nerf it again :stuck_out_tongue:

A) Regardless of your feelings It wouldn’t be first time to happen.

B) It remains to bee sen.

No offense but you didnt even noticed cold Spelbreakers few patches in row and it kept getting more powerful due to buffs in every patch to the point of being completely broken.

P.S. On top of that this patch balancing instead of nerfing the source of cold SB opnes nerfed almost everything else effectively killing few not even close to OP builds.

Literally the only things nerfed in that weren’t connected to Cold SB were:

  • Quick Jacks
  • Siegebreaker
  • Deathchill (why though? couldn’t tell you)
  • Demon Fire (lol)