Miners keep Dissapearing

Hi, why do the workers I have assigned to a gold mine and iron mine keep leaving the mine unmanned?

What does their status say they are doing? Do you have a temporary house really close that they can get food from? How about water to drink?

Got all that.

Can you post some screenshots of your Professions window, your mine building window(s) where this is happening, and make sure in at least one of them your top UI bar shows, to show the overall happiness of your villagers or open the windows that detail villager happiness to see what it shows there?
There are a number of things that could be going on, and the screenshots may help someone work out the exact cause and what needs to be done to resolve the problem.

For me its the accursed SHELTER STOCKING. Its just got to stop.
15 months of food. Warehouses stocked with 100s of items. Upgraded markets but 2 people in the trading post cant deliver 100 candles on short notice because they need to deliver a bar of soap to their house.
I have miners leaving the mines to deliver goods to their homes as well.
Its extremely frustrating.
Herdsmen dont set the cattle out because they are shelter stocking. They also dont deliver their storage. I had 1000 meat spoil in the barn and quit playing last night.