Shelters and wagon transfer having little effect on mines?

Are you talking about the amount of load a wagon can carry away from a mine?
I didnt understand…

Mine shows almost all transfer/seeking food time and low work time. The temporary shelters seem to get no winter/food use by mine workers.

Wagons will only move stuff from mines, pits and work camps.

Wagons are quite a mystery to me: I build it because it’s required, but their description is extremely vague and it’s hard for me to understand how they work.

They move goods, but not all goods, and they stock temp shelters I guess because building a wagon is a requirement for the temp shelter.

I see them moving around, but I have no idea of how to benefit from them.

I was thinking the wagons were just slow. The temporary shelters not having functionality at remote work sites was more of the issue.

Disregard the work/idle report for miners until its fixed. Many have reported that the numbers always show them transferring processed goods most of their time. It’s a bug in the reporting. They are mining most of their time.

Wagons are simple. Their villager work/idle report is accurate. When you see your 1st wagonmaster has neared 100% work, add another worker. When both wagonmasters have reached near 100% add another wagon shop. Keep repeating as your city grows.

Workers will only use temp shelters when there’s bad weather and they can’t get back to their homes before it hits.

I thought they used them also not to have to go home to eat? They’re always filled with food and water.

I have seen them went into the Temp Shelter to obtain food

I read somewhere too when the door is closed, then another lol - which I have (ensure 2 Wainwrights are in there though).

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