Mini healthbars for monsters

Hi devs. Would be great if we had the option to toggle mini healthbars on top of the monsters or on the ground around it similar like the game “Labyrinth”

so we can see exactly whats going on in the blink of n eye.
Instead of constantly hovering the mouse above each one.
It would be a major gameplay upgrade imo.

I agree, health bars would be awesome for monsters.

I would like to have that, too.:slight_smile:

Only thing to me that stands out is that this game is much, much, much more visually busy. It crams all kinds of effects and enemies all over the screen in some cases, and I think such bars would quickly be hard to distinguish or even get completely obscured in dense situations.

Like the overall idea though but just imagining myself turning it off if I get visually lost in the mess.

This. And potential stuttering surely wouldn’t get better with such bars.

Maybe making it persistent would help?! Display it over the effects?

Honestly it’s the only problem I have with the game.

On AOE dmg especially you can’t see which one has more life left and
should get more attention after.

+offcourse there is also the satisfaction of seeing all those healtbars melt away :slight_smile:

May be possibru with modding, and if given enough attention, we could seeing some progress from someone. I would like this as an option as well.