Minion damage scales off...?

Casters should normally take spirit to buff “magical” damage, I see, but what increases pet damage? If I want to play a Cabalist focused mainly on pets and only secondarily on acid or vitality damage, is it wise to invest in physique instead of spirit (since I guess pet damage doesn’t count as “magic”)?

Thank you

Pet bonuses are their own category of stats and are unaffected by any player stats, you mainly want gear that has pet stats on it. also you mostly want physique so that when a debuff from you draws aggro you can take a hit and live.

Edit: if a skill that spawns something scales off of your damage it will say “scales with player bonuses” other they’ll say scales with pet bonuses.

Perfect thank you.
If scales off pet bonuses, no player stats help.
If scales off player bonuses, then either spirit (for elemental or magic) or cunning (for physical or pierce)?

yeah, basically anything that scales with player bonuses also gets increased damage from their respective stats IE: phys/pierce/bleed factors in cunning bonuses, everything else factors in spirit bonuses.

OK thanks. According to the wiki, nothing scales vitality damage, doesn’t seem to count as magic.

Eh, that’s wrong. Vitality is just another magic damage type.

OK I have that from here:

“The term “Magical Damage” refers to Fire.pngFire, Cold.pngCold, Lightning.pngLightning, Poison Acid.pngAcid, Aether.pngAether, and Chaos.pngChaos damage types and their associated Duration Damage (if any).”

Should be looking at the official game guide.

Improves the flow of energy into your being. Every point of Spirit increases your magical damage by 0.47%, magical duration damage by 0.5%, energy by 2 and energy regeneration by 0.01 + 0.26%. Higher Spirit also allows you to meet the attribute requirements of caster armor, implements, caster off-hands, rings and amulets.

The damage types affected by Spirit are: Fire, Burn, Cold, Frostburn, Lightning, Electrocute, Acid, Poison, Vitality, Vitality Decay, Aether and Chaos.