Mirenheart's Testing World: Testaria

Have a try!

So, with mod tools out, I’m trying out making a mod again. My last try at something like this was in Titan Quest: Titan Quest Attempt Hopefully I’ll keep working on this one and not lose the files.

This is mostly just me screwing around with the editor and making a nice world to explore. There’s not going to be a whole lot of depth and such with combat and bosses and quests and such, just lots of exploring and hopefully neat places to look at. I uploaded the entire mod file so feel free to dick around with it as you feel. Use it in your own mod if you want even. Just gimme some credit.

I’ll probably update this every so often with new stuff I’ve added. One thing I’m thing of doing is making a “cave entrance” of sorts with on of the offshoots into the trees to transfer the player deeper into this dark forest, maybe put some kick ass looking castle somewhere in there. I would also like to get some of the assets from Titan Quest put in here as well, if that’s possible without a significant amount of effort.

Anyways, here’s some screens:

If you have ideas or advice for what I should or could do with this, lemme know. This is entirely for my benefit to learn how to use these tools and how to make a good map.

So I’m thinking of removing the river and just making the whole area a forest with a big marsh in the middle. And then at the edge of the forest you find a ruined city with an inhabited village among it’s ruins.

I’m also thinking of making a portal to a deeper part of the forest with a massive crater in the ground where an entire castle sunk into the earth that you can go explore.

What do you guys think?

Sounds and looks good so far, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I need someone to help me with maps, I’m doing tons of DBR edits. If we work together, either one of us could do the Quest and Conversation edits, plus linking them to scripts.

I was thinking I might just use the tutorial map during development…

Decided to go with the marshy oak forest instead.

What is a Moron? Someone who deletes his Grim Dawn world without backing them up while cleaning out his old computer. aka me