During the long journey of GD there is a semi regular news update about it in the forms of Grim Misadventures, will the same be done on Farthest Frontier? A peasants reports perhaps? :thinking:


or maybe some 99% luckyness bards’ tales about thing they’ve seen on the frontier

Well, since the game’s been in development for around 4 years now, I’d hazard a guess and say no.

Bear in mind that the GM’s were Zantai’s idea when he first joined Crate back in 2012. Though Medierra had been posting info/screenshots occasionally they weren’t on a regular time schedule; just when he thought he had something interesting to show/tell us about. And Zantai never expected to end up writing 176 of them. :smile:

Why not? Maybe they intend to once early access kicks off.

Unfortunately, I barely have time to develop the game these days, with all the extraneous business responsibilities, let alone write much about them. Plus, I’m not nearly as responsible as Zantai; I could never commit to a scheduled thing.

I definitely should try to post a bit more though. My arm is messed up atm though, which makes typing slow (with one hand) or painful. The hazards of getting old and spending 14 hours a day on a computer…


Good thing yer the boss and got employees :scorv:


:frowning: What did you do Medierra? Hope it gets better soon. :crossed_fingers:

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Get well soon @medierra

Ughh, lazy employees :scorv:


Probably obvious but try finding a top tier Physiotherapist, not some a random one. Maybe this issue can be reversed but if so then only by carefully selected exercises performed multiple times a day. Worked for me for my spine, shoulders, hip, elbows and wrists - all I had problems with in the past :laughing: But sometimes it took me a long time (years) to find correct, targeted exercises. Also some issues can be irreversible I guess but it’s definitely underrated what you can fix.

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Have an appointment set up in a few days. It seems to be some sort of nerve compression issue, possibly also with tendonitis. So, should be treatable in time, just ridiculous I have to worry about this sort of thing now, along with what position you sit / sleep in.

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Hope you get it sorted out quickly big M. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

NO man you can’t do that. You have to be better, so we can all participate in the exciting new Create Developed adventures!