Missed Possibilities?

I LOVE Grim Dawn. I really do.
I’ve played my fair 250 (yeah i know that its only a little fraction for some of you) hours of the game and I dont regret a tiny bit of it. I’m still having fun discovering new stuff and trying different things.
While the game succeded in its core as a ARPG game I feel that there are gaps that are not filled yet for some reason.

  1. Sound. Now dont get me wrong here, the overall sound design is impressive.
    I love the music and the atmosthere created by the developers in the field. I even listen to some osts off my playtime.
    However certain patrts confuse me. How is it that gunnshots are louder than huge magic explosions or both pistols and two handed guns have exactly the same sound effect (i mean pistols compared to other pistols are alike. Same goes for 2h gungs). The sound lacks depth and that feel that you can connect it to something. I mean some skills dont even have any sound therefore you cant evven tell what is happening untill you see a projectile flying towards you.
    I do realize that you might go mad trying to come up with different sound effects for each and every skill in the game but at least make it so it feels alive and add more meat to it.
  2. Story Telling. While the story is great and im in love with it, the way it is told could use some changes. When I was going through the game for the very first time I was like an addicted person. I was looking for a new peace of dialog or any alive person whom i could interract with. But it was never enough. And dont get me wrong here, notes idea is fine but i wanted more interractions with people. That way you could link certian part of the story to a preson or to a place, making it much more MEMORABLE.That way you could have had much more space to work with:new chars, locations and more STORY. Basicly anything that you could interract with, I truly belive that i’d give you much stronger feeling and overall appreciation for the story.
  3. Voice acting. Now look, I realize that voice acting is not cheap. I am not by any means a game developer and i’ve never tried to do such things. But man the charecters can have so much more to them. I play with my camera maxed to as far as possible, that way I see more and can have more awarness about what is going on. While it is good for battle, when it comes to interractions I barely feel them. I have 16:9 1920:1080 monitor and I sit around 1 meter away from it. Once I talked to someone I forget them almost right away. I dont even remember thier looks because all I see is tini tiny grey-black figure. Some might say that I’m overexadurating but this is how it is for me. After I’m done reading what they have to say I’m like “Whats your name again?”. Add lack of voice acting to it and you have easily forgettable charecters.

Sorry for my bad engrish. Keep in mind that these are my thoughts and you dont have to agree with them.