Missing 21 skill points according to grim tools, how?

what title said, im missing 21 whole skill points and cant figure out where to get them. I know im missing some skill point quests but it will still be like 18 points remain missing.
Or is grimtools maybe wrong?

anyways, here’s the build: Reaper, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

thanks for reply in advance!

edit. hmm yea, 21 seems like that would be a bit too much, seeing as there is only 11 total :thinking:
do you use like a spam click macro or something perhaps?`- no idea how you can miss that many if you don’t have any “spare” avail ingame
MP desyncs?

A few you get from the inventor in Devil’s Crossing on each difficulty. One from Allostria quest on Ultimate (teleport to Coven from the middle level in Malmouth dungeon and talk to one npc, teleport back and a door there will open). One from Uroboruk near the end of Forgotten Gods. The rest is from Shattered Realm.

It’s not 21, though. If you did all those things and are still missing, dunno. You can fix that with GD Stash, though.

Everything seems to be in order.

248 is the maximum skill point limit, I even double-checked your setup by removing every skill, including masteries bars.

thanks for replies. Im not using some spam click macro so that cant be it so i guess only gd stash can fix my game? weird.
What do you mean with MP desyncs?