Missing stat points

Hi there, I’ve played the completed the game before previously when it first out, now coming back into it tempted by the DLC.
But I’ve faced a bug with I was playing with a friend and there was a point where I had 4 attribute points to spare and I added all to physique then I notice nothing was updated then at this point my friend who was the host told his screen was all black and had to restart. When we came back to the game as a lvl 31 character I only had 26 point spend the remaining 4 attribute that I’ve added previously was missing .
Does anyone know anything about this ?

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I don’t know about this issue but if you just want the points back and forget about it then add them with GD Defiler for example.

I see, yea I guess that’s one way to get back.
Thanks a lot for the advice

Welcome to the wonderful forums, first of all!

Second of all, I’ve never heard of this before. Do you know where those 4 attribute points came from? Was it leveling up, or was it quest related?

You could try drinking one of those potions that resets all your attribute points and allows you to respec them, if you havent already.

@malawiglenn have you ever heard of this issue?