Misskilled? Need advice how to reskill please.


my arcanist is level 55 now and I need to reskill I think. I am playing on normal / veteran. There are only two quests left (Secrets Of The Lost + The Hidden Path) that are way too difficult for me to finish with this setup.

My problem is that I can reset everything but not

Physique - 503
Cunning - 212
Spirit - 652

I did not choose a second class yet so I can still combine everything with my arcanist. I think I leveled spirit way too much and missed to level physique?

Is there a build you can recommend? I don’t mind if it is complex (many spells) or so as long as I can go on with my character and as long as it is fun to play with spells etc. (I don’t like close combat / meelee).

It would be great to get some ideas how to go on and reskill that little arcanist. If you need more infos/stats, please ask.

Many thanks!

There is a potion that you can get at the beginning of Ashes of Malmouth quest line: https://www.grimtools.com/db/ru/items/8917 that allows to reassign skill points. The primary attribute in most builds is physique, cunning and spirit are only needed to meet item requirements.

As for the build I recommend making a spellbinder (Arcanist + Necro) based on aether damage. Just max out Spectral Wrath and Siphon Souls with an aether transmuter - that would be enough to kill most enemies on normal/ veteran difficulty. Then pick Devastation from the Arcanist tree and you’re good to go on elite. Try to get green items that will boost your aether damage and cover your resists. Later on you can make a Diviner’s Spellbinder: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80439

Please upload your char to https://www.grimtools.com/calc/ and generate a link using the two upper buttons on the left. For posting the link you need two more posts - you will be able to edit the third one and add the link to your build.

Also tell us, if you have Ashes of Malmouth or if you only play with the base game.

Yes, binder. Spellbinder. Still, despite everything 7.1, the strongest mastery in the game. You might be tempted to look sideways to inquisitor for some of that shady Invoker stuff or even try to get a piece of that flashy Nex&Ortus with a nightblade but RESIST! Choose spellbinder. Be true. Stay aether.

@SAW: That looks nice. I will give it a try but please tell me what is an aether transmuter and how to get it?


I am playing the basic game without any dlc’s at the moment.

Thanks for the hint and details!

This is my random, cobbled together character atm:


But if you don’t have any dlc you won’t be able to make this build since it requires the Necromancer Mastery that only appears in the Ashes of Malmouth dlc. I really suggest you buy it it’s awesome.

@SAW: Thanks, that was my thought too :slight_smile: Oh, ok. So, my plan was to finish the main game once, take some time to reformat the PC and then I have time for the dlc’s. That should work.

I can’t advise you on top builds, but here are a few things I would change:

  • [li]Move points from Fabric of Reality elsewhere. You have some skills with %weapon damage (which benefit of the flat damge bonus), but Panetti’s Replicating Missile does not benefit of it.[/li][LIST]
  • You should use Mirror of Ereoctes and Maiven’s Sphere of Protection.
  • Put a point or two in Nullification.
  • You also need some points for your second mastery.

[li]If you want to keep Star Pact, you can either use Nightblade or Shaman as second mastery. Otherwise I’d switch to Reckless Power and pair it with Demolitionist.[/li]
[li]Flame Torrent (celestial skill from Fiend) is not assigned to any skill.[/li]
[li]You can remove points from Crossroads once you have suffcient affinity and use them to get another constallation.[/li]
[li]Behemoth will give you more health and improve your survivability.[/li]
[li]Widow, Solael’s Witchblade and Rhowan’s Crown offer resistance reduction, which you want to utilize.[/li]
[li]Use components in all items slots - to give you more health (aim for 5-6K) use Mutated Scales and Frozen Heart.[/li]
[li]I miss Dreeg’s Infinite Gaze (from your weapon component) in your hotkey bar. It’s a powerful skill, but has little use for your build. And if you do not use it, I suggest to craft Purified Salt and use it instead.[/li]
[li]I’d craft Scaled Hide and Antivenom Salve, too.[/li]
[li]For the headgear I suggest Leathery Hide, Runestone or Sanctified Bone.[/li][/LIST]


Thanks for your work too. I will definitely try something decent now from a guide after loosing a half level of progress to a bossmonster. I also like to try something new because so far I only tried my few spells, nothing else. It’s good to experiment and judge if I have an overview.

Yes, I should use components (more often). Most of the time I try to go on until it gets too hard and save my stuff for later and better quipment. That often gives me a hard time because I ignore parts of the game but on the other hand my chest is full with components :smiley:

“Behemoth will give you more health and improve your survivability”

Sounds good but if I decide to go with SAW’s suggestion and suggested build, since I am only level 55 and not 100, what would you level first from Devotion?

In that case get Imp and Widow first.

ok, great, thanks. Now I know everything to start. I will go for it tomorrow. Have a good night.

Nice to see another non-AoM player! When looking at builds, remember that it’s Build Compendium V that’s useful; Build Compendium IX with all the level 100 post-AoM builds is almost completely useless for us. The “Older builds” link at the top of BC5 links to quite a lot more builds. For your purposes, I see sorceress, druid, and spellbreaker options for aether PRM builds. That’s not a skill or element I have any interest in, so I can’t offer much help beyond that. If you like casters in general, I can enthusiastically recommend Superfluff’s vitality/chaos conjurer for a second character; insanely powerful!

The general approach to building a GD character is that you need to pick one or two damage types, then maximize the resistance reduction for what you’re doing. For example, Widow is one of the most important devotions for an aether character. And if you’re trying to go aether, Star Pact is really hurting you. If you’re aiming for elemental or just cold, Star Pact is fine, and you’d want devotions like Rhowan’s Crown and Viper.

Attribute points - should all go to physique, so you’ve wasted 16 that you can’t get back until/unless you get AoM. Not a huge deal though. In general characters spend everything in physique except for whatever they need to meet late game jewelry requirements (and as an arcanist you already have tons of spirit so even that doesn’t apply).

Skills - once you do pick your second mastery you may want to visit Sahdina and respec a bunch of skill points. Typically characters have both mastery bars at max by level 50. The reason you have such a tiny hit point pool is because you only have one mastery bar (and the Arcanist one at that) at 50. The rule of thumb is to aim for hit points > level*100, so you’re at about half the hit points you should have for your level. Your DA looks a bit on the low side as well; I’m guessing heros and bosses can crit you fairly easily.

For the specific quests you mentioned, the Hidden Path needs very good acid/poison resists for the Guardian of Dreeg. Aim for the full 80% if at all possible. For the Guardian of Solael you’ll want vitality resist and if you can get it also some life leech resist; armor or jewelry with the Demonic prefix would be ideal if you can find any. Bysmiel - lightning; Sentinel - acid/fire (FYI, the Survival Guide is a fantastic resource for learning what bosses are like).

Anasteria is sending you into SoT, so undead, which means pierce and cold. Looks like low pierce resist, low DA, tiny hit point pool is the issue there. A second mastery should fix the latter two, and pierce resist is fairly common to find on items.

Thanks Worblehat,

good advice from you too. Today I grinded a little bit and I am close to level 60 now but I did not reskill yet.

Until my last post I did not notice that necromancer is a dlc character too. Mayboo too many informations here for me to take into account. I think the build compendium 5 is a good place to start.

“The reason you have such a tiny hit point pool is because you only have one mastery bar”

Thanks, good to know!