Mistborn Talisman blueprint drop myth debunked

just making this post to confirm for people/new players, hopefully once and for all:
“yes, Mistborn Talisman relic blueprint does drop on Ultimate, and as lvl 100”

(cba to make a reddit account where these type myths seem to flourish, - crossing fingers maybe it pops up in searches eventually)

maybe another “debunk” addendum:
yes it drops on Normal too even if your character is lvl 100 :grin:


Friendly comment to help this debunk pop in searches eventually

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Never new that was a thing, it not dropping. Guess I got lucky and got mine fairly early on in my GD career.

Also a heart for Belgo Infil. :blush:

there seem to sometimes be this misconception that
either the blueprint can’t drop outside Normal
or you need to be low level/“within relic level range” for it to drop
(or both)

which is wrong ofc

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UnTiL iT’S iN a ViDeO iT’S nOt VaLiD cAuSe yUo cAN jUsT dRoP tHe BlUePrInT fRoM YuOr BaG



maybe another “debunk” addendum:
yes it drops on normal too even if your character is lvl 100 :grin:


Why is your energy bar blue?

because it’s a mana bar :grin:

Offtopic how is your fleshwarped DK doing? Mind sharing GT? :slight_smile:

how did you know about that :eyes:


Death Knight, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator it’s horrible :sweat_smile:
i 100% expected aoe dmg to be low, but was surprised by how low single target dmg was too in effect/outside sheet dmg

Oh too bad doesnt seem bad at all on paper tho…
My reaper failed as well with FS if thats comforting for you :joy:

I have a functioning “Fleshwarped” DK if you’re interested; in quotation marks, cause, let’s be honest, Fleshwarped is really just a filler in between Blitz CDs. Completes 4 out of 5 SR75-80s within timer though.

yours is a blitzer tho
also uses a completely diff dmg type :grin:

I mean, we’re having this discussion on a Mistborn Talisman drop thread. That I’m using a different damage type is hardly the worst derail at this point XD

nono didn’t mean to imply it was a derail, just that it wasn’t the approach i was aiming for :sweat_smile:
whole idea about my flesh boi was to meme the AA by doing doing a non cadence warborn phys wps attacker

Yeah I didn’t have the balls to go all in on fleshwarped, or rather, I didn’t have a Blitz build yet and to make an Aether Blitz build I needed some AA, so it seemed a logical fit. Even though Blitz is the main focus I still use FS a decent amount though, cause I’m working with a 1.8s Blitz CD so it’s kiiiiiinda a fleshwarped build still. If you squint real hard and stretch like a bungee rope.

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yeye that part is fine, but yours is still regular flesh strike aether dmg, mine is not :grin:

Well the original quote mentioned nothing about the Fleshwarped DK having to be phys. Hence I assumed any viable Theodin Heart build will do for WhiteWalker’s purposes, since you’re saying yours is a failure. Oh, I get where the confusion is coming from…you thought I was posting the build for you to improve your build, I was posting it for WhiteWalker in case he’s interested in using fleshwarped strikes for something at least.

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ah yes, that would indeed make sense
since it’s my topic i guess i just get notified of all replies, regardless if directly to me or not :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well, let’s get back on topic please.